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Companies that want the best use Embocaps® by Suheung Empty Hard Capsules. Industry benchmark for capsule filling performance.  Est 1973, third largest capsule supplier globally, publicly traded, same ownership since inception, vertically integrated. Supplying all major markets.  Ask us about the FDA clarification on the simplicity of changing capsule suppliers in registered products.  000 thru 5 available in various shell composition and functional combinations.
·         Gelatin (Blended, Bovine, Porcine, Marine and Hygroscopic Resistant) 
·         Vegetable (Thermogelation HPMC, Gelling Agent Assisted HPMC) 
·         Delayed Release Acid Protection (Phthalate and Carrageenan Free)  
·         Titanium Dioxide Free White
·         Inhalation (Gelatin and Vegetable)
·         LFHC Liquid C...

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Products from Suheung Capsule Co. Ltd. (5)

  • Embo caps® VG ALPHA

    Product Embo caps® VG ALPHA

    EMBO CAPS® VG ALPHA is a vegetable capsule which has been manufactured from Hypromellose(HPMC) without any gelling agent through a thermal gelatin process.

    EMBO CAPS® VG ALPHA is greater in strength and glossy in appearance.

    As it does not contain materials which may...
  • Embo caps®

    Product Embo caps®

    Suheung capsules offers a wide range of products which includes embo caps. It belongs to empty hard capsules category.
    By embossing four dimples on the main locking groove of the cap, the exclusive EMBO CAPS® is designed to offer distinct advantages.
    To eliminate premature semi-locking and final-lo...
  • Embo caps® VG

    Product Embo caps® VG

    EMBO CAPS® VG (HPMC Capsules)
    • EMBO CAPS® VG is manufactured using the same process as conventional capsules, made suitable for a variety of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.
    • As a non-animal based alternative to gelatin capsules...
  • Embo caps® fish

    Product Embo caps® fish

    It has low oxygen permeability, superior moisture deterence.
    It prevents material from oxidation, reduces chances of shrinkage of capsules.
    The marine-based alternative to mammalian gelatin capsules
    Raw materials derived from fish scales
    Naturally BSE/TSE Free
    Specification, stabilit...
  • Contract Manufacturing

    Product Contract Manufacturing

    Contract Manufacturing Services
    Through over 30 years of contract manufacturing services, Suheung has mastered the fundamentals and acquired unique know-how in contract manufacturing / OEM production. Our dedicated R&D center for contract manufacturing services can assist from product conceptualiza...

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