Supply Chain Management: InFact

Supply Chain Management: InFact
Product Description

InFact is a special supply system based on an integrated logistics platform that, through the use of RFID technology, allows the management of real-time traceability of deliveries to the customer.

  • Application of RFID labels on every single pack
  • Accurate supply guarantee and Just in Time delivery based on real needs
  • Complete outsourcing of the customer’s logistical activities
  • Direct delivery to the pharmaceutical packaging lines

Palladio Group SpA

  • IT
  • 2015
    On CPhI since
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Palladio Group SpA

  • IT
  • 2015
    On CPhI since
  • 3
  • 500 - 999

More Products from Palladio Group SpA

  • Printed Aluminium Foils

    Product Printed Aluminium Foils

    Through flexo printing lines we produce printed aluminium foils for blister packs. This process takes place in a cleanroom, as required for the primary packaging of pharmaceuticals, and makes it possible to print in four colours in thicknesses of 20/25/30 microns.
  • Booklet

    Product Booklet

    When it is necessary to transmit a significant amount of information and indications, we propose to our customers the “booklet” solution, leaflets of various sizes and configurations that guarantee excellent readability and handling, also available in multiple languages.
  • Folding Cartons

    Product Folding Cartons

    Folding cartons, blister packs and display boxes, solutions in thin cardboard, micro-wave and recycled, each one of them made in different shapes, colours and sizes. We design and manufacture packaging that can be totally customised according to the needs of the customer. With our extensive know-how, we offer printing solutions with offset (with UV and water based paint), flexo and digital technology.

  • Leaflets

    Product Leaflets

    Over the years, we have developed an extraordinary amount of experience in the field of leaflets. Using state-of-the-art systems, we produce single, double and triple roll sheets, coated, folded and pre-folded, perforated sheets, outserts with closure labels and ouserts closed with cold glue.
  • Labels

    Product Labels

    We produce self-adhesive labels in rolls on various surfaces: paper, transparent or compostable material. The production also includes multi-page labels, with Braille text, peel-off and tamper-evident labels, also enriched with anti-counterfeiting systems and other special labels.
  • Smart Packaging

    Product Smart Packaging

    PhutureMed was created as the answer to the medicine of the future. A programme developed to create an innovative smart packaging solution that can support patients in monitoring and observing their treatment. PhutureMed offers multiple smart packaging solutions, including Memo Solution and PluggyMed.
    PluggyMed: a system that, through the printing of conductive inks, allows the interaction between the blister pack of the drug and a smart device in order to monitor the patient’s compliance with the treatment. The information collected is then shared in a Cloud platform accessible to the various caregivers.

    Memo Solutions: an innovative “smart box” with integrated displays and sensors designed to allow the patient to update the drug’s intake time, constantly monitoring their own treatment. It is also able to detect the thermal changes to which it is subjected, indicating when the quality of the drug is at risk.
  • Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging

    Product Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging

    Palladio Group can count on the decade-long experience of Pharma Partners, which offers two interconnected and separate divisions: Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging and consultancy.Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging is specialised in Serialisation and Track & Trace services (Reg. 161/2016). It is authorised to carry out batch certification activities for sterile and non-sterile drugs and, in addition, the secondary packaging of drugs for human and animal use, psychoactive drugs, medical devices (authorisation 13485:2016) and food supplements.The consultancy division instead operates in the regulation of the cosmetic sector.
  • Supply Chain Management: P24

    Product Supply Chain Management: P24

    A complete system for the production in 24 hours and “Just in Time” delivery of secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. Equipped with digital printing technology and integrated with 100% automatic visual inspection systems, the P24 enables on-demand production of folding cartons, leaflets and labels.
    • Production in 24 hours with significant reduction in delivery times
    • Elimination of incoming checks thanks to 100% visual inspection
    • Management of requests in real time and immediate response to any regulatory changes, with zero risk of obsolescence
    • Zero stock of packaging materials with reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Extreme flexibility of the order and the possibility of managing small batches up to the single customised package
  • Artwok services

    Product Artwok services

    By combining graphic design, pre-print, and multi-level quality control, the team of The Phactory provides high-quality print-ready files, tailored to the customer’s needs.
    • Elaboration of the Artwork
    • Printing and pre-printing tests
    • Technical support and consulting
  • Flowpack

    Product Flowpack

    The flowpack is a type of packaging in which a leaflet and Alert Card or a double leaflet are wrapped together by a heat shrink film and assembled in a single package.
  • Overlabelling

    Product Overlabelling

    With specialised machinery, we also apply pharmaceutical stickers and labels to folding cartons and other products, issuing the corresponding reconciliation report.
  • Patient Alert Cards

    Product Patient Alert Cards

    The Alert Card is a special card that contains all the patient information that the treating physician should know (data and conditions, therapeutic indications, doses and times of drug intake, etc.). We produce Alert Cards on which important indications are printed in multiple languages which the patient must follow before, during and after the pharmacological treatment.

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