5 Jan 2021

Trends in Ophthalmic Drug Formulation, Delivery & Packaging

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• Trends & Overcoming Challenges in Ophthalmic Drug Delivery - Dr. Robert Lee, President, CDMO Division, Lubrizol Life Science Health

• Ophthalmic Drugs Market Opportunities and impacts of regulatory changes on Ophthalmic Drug Packaging & delivery device in China - Dr. BoLiang Gong, R & D Director, Bona Pharma

• Extractables and leachables in ophthalmic drug products - what the eye cannot see Dr. Kathleen Lava, Study Director, Nelson Labs Europe

Aired as part of the CPHI Festival of pharma

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  • News BONA Service: Spray performance analysis per FDA guidance

    * Spray pattern
    * Plume geometry
    * Droplet size distribution

    Other tests:
    * Priming and Repriming
    * Dosage
    * Dose uniformity
  • Brochure Metered dose nasal pump, with screw on, snap on, crimp on neck

    Key features: * Closure: 18/410, 18/415, 20/410, 24/410, 18Din, GL18, 20mm crimp on, 20mm snap on, Child resistant locking. * Dosage: 45mcl to 220mcl with +/-10% tolereance. * Usage: Liquid medicine for nose. * Fit for: HDPE bottles, PET bottles, glass bottles, customization bottles welcome. * Material: Comply to EP, EU 10/2011, FDA and USP. * Child resistant nasal pump be tested by CPSC approved Lab according to Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700.20. (ISO8317) * Comply with Quality system ISO15378 which specially for primary package manufacturing.