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29 Sep 2021

Take a look inside our cGMP Quats manufacturing facilities

Our cGMP manufacturing facilities make Novo Nordisk Pharmatech the leading supplier of pharmaceutical grade Quats for a wide range of applications. See how we ensure the highest standards of quality, purity and batch-to-batch consistency here at our site in Køge, Denmark.

Controlling for quality, purity and consistency

Being cGMP certified, we ensure that every aspect of our manufacturing process is in control – from our own suppliers to the finished product. From the very beginning, we source the best raw ingredients, which are sampled to check they are in specification. Throughout manufacturing, we monitor the critical parameters for each process, such as temperature or PH level, to make sure the process is in control. When each batch is finished, we perform an analysis tailored to our customers’ requirements to deliver a Certificate of Analysis. Good manufacturing practices are embedded in everything we do, as we strive to keep all our operations completely uniform.
Securing quality is a team effort

Tightly controlled processes require not only the combined efforts of our 70-strong manufacturing team. All of our activities and all of our teams are gathered on one site here at Køge – from Research and Development, to Quality Assurance, Quality Control and even Sales and Marketing. This brings us significant advantages in terms of agility. For example, if we need to take a sample of something in our productionfacilities, it’s just a 50m walk to our QC lab. While others might send off their samples and wait days for the results, we can have ours within the hour, stating whether we need to stop and change something or whether we can continue production.

Processes built on knowledge and experience

We have been manufacturing many of our products using the same processes for many years. As a result, our manufacturing teams bring a high level of knowledge and experience to secure the quality of our products. Many know their process so well that they will almost immediately have a hypothesis if they come across an irregularity. Having R&D onsite is also a benefit here. Since they built the process, they know what critical parameters to monitor to help control our processes.

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