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19 Jun 2012

Takeda to Cease Distribution of Pfizer Products in Japan

Takeda is to stop selling 13 Pfizer Inc drugs in Japan.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd will no longer distribute a number of Pfizer products in Japan, the company has announced.


At present, Takeda distributes 15 Pfizer products under an exclusive agreement with the pharmaceutical giant.


But as of December 31st 2012, Takeda will cease distribution of 13 of these products, with Pfizer itself selling them after that date.


The products are Isovorin, Amoxan, Napageln, Premarin, Minomycin, Rheumatrex, Wypax, Artane, Torisel, Photofrin, Mylotarg, Methotrexate and Leucovorin.


However, Takeda will continue to distribute the two remaining Pfizer products - the pneumococc

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