About TBD-Biodiscovery

TBD-Biodiscovery is an innovative Estonian company, founded in 2006 by private capital and contributing to modern healthcare and biotech industry. Our business started with contract services and grew up to custom manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and building up our own products portfolio. Nowadays TBD-Biodiscovery has wide network of partners worldwide (EU, Switzerland, Israel, US, Russia, South Korea and Japan) and has set up regular production of bioluminescence agents and active pharmaceutical ingredients for both human healthcare and veterinary medicines.

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Products from TBD-Biodiscovery


    Product API/HPAPI

    We are able to provide tailor-made complex solutions for difficult problems in API/HPAPI development for innovative molecules and niche generics.Manufacturing in compliance with GMP regulations:
    - Original API (NCE, New Chemical Entity)
    - Generic API
    - Pre-formulations for clinical studies
    - Precursors for PET (Positron Emission Tomography)
  • ADC payloads/conjugates

    Product ADC payloads/conjugates

    GMP-certified production of payloads is possible if needed:- Separate GMP-facility equipped with BioSafety Cabinet and HEPA filters 
    - Experience in GMP-certified production of anticancer compounds
    - Experience in work with highly toxic materials
  • Bioluminescence agents

    Product Bioluminescence agents

    TBD-Biodiscovery produces various compounds with applications for cancer research and diagnostics.- D-Luciferin and D-Luciferin Potassium salt are used for in vivo imaging.
    - Near – IR (infrared) dyes based on the IR820 are used in NIRF (near infrared fluorescence imaging), e.g. cancer research.

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