Technical Wipe Q+ Poly-neat P1 140

Technical Wipe Q+ Poly-neat P1 140
Product Description

Product Features:
100% Continuous-filament, double knit Polyester Fabric  
Statistical Quality control
EDI water used through the entire process
Available laundered and Packed in ISO Class 4 cleanroom environment :
     Free from Silicon, amides and DOP contamination
     Solvent-safe double bag cleanroom packaging
     Ultralow levels of Ions and extractables
Sizes available : 4*4 Inches, 9*9 Inches and 12*12 Inches
Resists abrasion under rigorous use or when wiping rough surfaces

Recommanded Applications
Semi-conductor manufacturing
Medical device manufacturing
Pharmaceutical and compounding pharmacies


  • FR
  • 2019
    On CPHI since


  • FR
  • 2019
    On CPHI since

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    Meet Christelle Duchaussoir, our Chief Marketing and Operation Officer. Gekatex and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture and distribute technical wiping, cleanroom wiping and polishing solution for Automotive OEM, Aeronautic, Electronics, Pharmaceutical and life science industries. With 35 years of experience in the business of technical wiping, clean room wiping and polishing our solutions are recognized by many OEM manufacturer in their paint shop, clean room and assembly lines. We have a global presence with 3 factories: France, India and China that are ISO 9001 certified and a delivery center in Mexico for North America. We serve more than 100 factories in the world through direct sales or distributors in more than 40 countries.