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About Techpool Bio-Pharma Co. Ltd.

Techpool focuses on the critical care injection R&D, production, marketing, and sells. 

The main products: 1. Ulinastatin for injection (UTI), Sales volum - about 11 million vials/year, Indications - Acute pancreatitis & Sepsis, and Techpool UTI used to treat severe patients with COVID-19 in China and Pakistan.
2. Urinary Kallidinogenase for injection (KLK), it is original, its indication is Mild-moderate ischemic stroke.

Techpool is one of Shanghai Pharma (Forturne 500) members, it was founded in 1993 in China, with a site area of 50,000 m². 

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Products from Techpool Bio-Pharma Co. Ltd.

  • Ulinastatin for Injection (UTI)

    Product Ulinastatin for Injection (UTI)

    UTI is a standard therapy for physicians and surgeons to treat the patients with Acute Pancreatitis, which can Protect the organ function and Reduce the incidence of complication and mortality.

    UTI is a unique treatment choice for physicians to treat the patients with ACF and Sepsis, in Emergency and ICU, which can reduce the incidence of MODS and mortality by directly effect on cytokine storms.

    UTI is used to treat patients with COVID-19 in China.
  • Urinary Kallidinogenase for Injection (KLK)

    Product Urinary Kallidinogenase for Injection (KLK)

    Urinary Kallidinogenase for injection (KLK) is listed in Medical Insurance and Reimbursement List in China.

    KLK is the first choice to treat patients with Mild – Moderate Acute Thrombotic Cerebral Infarction, especially, for the patients who miss the treatment window of thrombolytic therapy, which can increases limb function recovery and rehabilitation,  and reduces disability rate.

    Reasons to believe:
    1. Unique and clear mechanism of action: improve collateral circulation.  2. Adequate fast-onset treatment: 5 minutes after administration, blood flow starts to increase , and the plasma concentration rapidly reaches the peak in 30 minutes. 
    3. Long treatment time window: 48 hours. 
    4. Increase limb function recovery. 
    5. Reduce 72.4% of incidence of moderate – severe disability in long-term outcomes of Patients.  

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