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Techpool UTI Blocks Cytokine Storm & Fights Against COVID-19

1 Jun 2021

Cytokine storm is a main cause of worsening and death of COVID-19 patients. Techpool UTI inhibits the release of Inflammatory Cytokines and blocks Cytokine Storm in time to treat COVID-19 patients.

Techpool UTI (Ulinastatin for injection) was used to treat COVID-19 patients in China and Pakistan, one of the indications of Techpool UTI is Sepsis. 

Sepsis/Septic shock is one of key clinical syndromes associated with critical COVID-19 patients. In severe patients, D-dimer is increased, Peripheral blood lymphocyte is decreased progressively. Inflammatory cytokine are often increased in severe and critical patients. Cytokine storm is a main cause of worsening and death of COVID-19 patients.

Techpool UTI is a broad-spectrum protease inhibitor, the special molecule structure of Techpool UTI decides that it has the function of inhibiting the release of inflammatory cytokines and Lysosomal Enzymes. 

And Techpool UTI has been recommended to be used in the treatment of COVID-19 by experts and authorities in China.

  • Treatment Guidance for Severe and Critical COVID-19 in Hunan Province (Trial 1st Edition)
  • Treatment Guidance for COVID-19 in Fujian Province (Trail 2nd Edition)
  • Expert Consensus on Clinical Rational Drug Use for COVID-19 in Guangdong Province (3rd Edition)
  • Comprehensive treatment and management of COVID-19: expert consensus statement from Shanghai

Techpool Bio-Pharma Co., Ltd. has produced and marketed UTI more than 20 years, about 11 million vials are used in China per year. Techpool focuses on the critical care injections R&D, production, marketing, and sells. 

For more information on Techpool UTI, please contact: [email protected]; [email protected]


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