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19 Jun 2018

Telstar integrates vial automatic loading & unloading systems to both configurable & customized ranges of freeze-dryers designed to operate under aseptic conditions

Telstar completes the Lyonomic range of GMP freeze-dryers with vial automatic loading & unloading systems.

All ranges of freeze-dryers developed and manufactured by Telstar are designed to integrate vial automatic loading & unloading systems. After leading the development of innovative loading/unloading automated solutions, designed to be suited in customized Lyomega freeze-dryer range, the company has extended this technology to the Lyonomic range of standardized and configurable GMP freeze-dryers, which currently are also available with new options for integration to vial automatic loading & unloading systems.

The range of single-sided Lyonomic GMP freeze dryers has been adapted to be fitted with ‘push-in/push-out’ vial automatic loading and unloading systems. Specifically aimed in applications for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, these systems have been designed to operate effectively in aseptic conditions.

The system integrated in the standardized Telstar freeze-dryers has been proven to offer greater robustness, efficiency, reliability and accuracy in the vial transport and transfer process, in addition to easier cleaning and simplified maintenance.

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