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The Tentamus Group was founded early 2011 and quickly became an important global player in the provision of analytical and consulting services for the Pharma, Food, Agriculture and Cosmetic industry and also for Medical Cannabis. Currently, Tentamus is represented in over 70 locations worldwide with more than 3,000 highly trained staff members. 
Several laboratories within the Tentamus Group are specialized in providing services to the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, qualified and competent to operate (c)GMP, GLP, GCLP and ISO facilities. This lab network enables Tentamus to offer a huge variety of analytical and bioanalytical services along the lifecycle of a (bio)pharmaceutical product. We can support the early stages of product development, through pre-clinical and clinical studies as well as routine analyses for established marketed products, applying physico-chemical, immunological, bioanalytical, biological and microbiological methods. 

These services can be offered for a wide product range covering oral dosages, ointments, creams, gels and injectable products for small molecules, peptides and complex biologics like biosimilars and biopharmaceuticals. Investigation and analysis of Medical Devices is also a specialty offered by our laboratories. 

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Products from Tentamus Group

  • Pharmaceutical Products

    Product Pharmaceutical Products

    Bringing a pharmaceutical product to the market entails many complex, time consuming and expensive activities. Analytical expertise is a cornerstone in this development process. Tentamus Pharma Labs can support our customers throught the entirety of the development process and commercialization by providing  analytical expertise, and significantly reducing your time to market.  Starting with method development for drug substance and drug product, followed by qualification and validation of  methods to support pre-clinical and clinical studies as well as commercial supply and lifecycle management, Tentamus laboratories are always a trusted partner for our clients. In addition to standard methods we are able to provide special, cutting edge analytical methods like bioanalytical services such as, MAT, SPR technologies, lectin microarray, glyco-profiling and many more. Contact us and arrange a meeting with our experts to learn more about our capabilities and knowledge.
  • Medical Devices

    Product Medical Devices

    The EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) requires a more stringent characterization of products in the Medical Device field. The MDR is madatory for all new products and existing products have to comply by May 26th 2020. Tentamus Pharma Labs are equipped to support you in fulfilling MDR requirements. Biological endpoints (e.g. haemocompatibility, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, irritation, etc…) as well as chemical characterization (e.g. extractable & leachable studies, etc…) is available at our laboratories. In addition to these analytical tests, medical testing for stents & stent graft, vascular graft, catheters, heart valves and other devices is available at Tentamus Pharma Labs. Contact us and arrange a meeting with our experts to learn more about our capabilities.
  • Biomolecules and ATMPs

    Product Biomolecules and ATMPs

    Biomolecules like antibodies have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry during the last decade and new products (e.g. Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products – ATMPs) are evolving in clinical studies and on the market. Tentamus Pharma Labs are among the leaders of analytical support for these product categories. We work on new biologic entities as well as biosimilars with customers around the globe, helping them to reach market approval as fast as possible. A broad portfolio of analytical equipment and methods is available to support your ideas in this highly complex field. In addition we can offer consultancy services for biosimilars and biopharmaceuticals (e.g. market analyses, regulatory requirements). Contact us and arrange a meeting with our experts to learn more about our capabilities.
  • Microbiology

    Product Microbiology

    Microbiological tests are mandatory for non-sterile and sterile pharmaceutical products as well as medical devices. Tentamus Pharma Labs provide all standard test methods in this field and support your products in development or commercial phases. For non-sterile products, microbial enumeration tests (aerobic and for yeasts and molds) as well as identification of specified microorganisms can be offered. The challenge test for antimicrobial effectiveness is also in our portfolio. For sterile products, sterility testing and endotoxin testing is available. Of course special tests for environmental monitoring, microbial identification and growth promotion and antibiotic assay are also available. For these tests we use various methods – from classical  harmonized pharmacopeia methods to more advanced and highly sophisticated methods. Contact us and arrange a meeting with our experts to learn more about our capabilities.
  • Instrument-Based Analytics

    Product Instrument-Based Analytics

    The pharma laboratories within the Tentamus Group are equipped with state of the art analytical instruments offering an unparalleled array of analytical and bioanalytical services. The range covers simple Pharmacopeia methods (e.g. Ph.Eur, USP) to very complex analyses of biomolecules. We offer all kinds of analytical methods from physico-chemical methods (e.g. spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, amino acid analyzer, gel electrophoresis, etc), biological methods (e.g. PCR, SPR, ELISA, flow cytometry, lectin array, cell culture based bioassays, reporter gene assays, pyrogen testing by MAT, etc), bioanalytics (ECL (MSD), SPR, ELISA, Luminex, LC-MS/MS of human and animal samples), and microbiological methods (e.g. LAL, PET testing, sterility testing). Contact us and arrange a meeting with our experts to learn more about our capabilities and method portfolio.
  • Physico-Chemical. Analysis

    Product Physico-Chemical. Analysis

    Physico-chemical methods are required in a range of products and compounds such as excipients, API’s, bulk material and finished products.  Product characterization methods are often mandatory requirements within compendial monographs e.g Ph.Eur, USP, JP, BP. etc.  as well as individual Marketing Authorizations for finished products. We also carry out stability studies and perform storage according to the current ICH guidelines. Tentamus laboratories are also experienced in method development for many different analytical techniques.Method verifications, method transfers and method qualification/validations are also performed according to customer requests and national or international recommendations (ICH, FDA, EMA-guidelines etc.).Contact us and arrange a meeting with our experts to learn more about our capabilities.
  • Medical Cannabis

    Product Medical Cannabis

    Medical Cannabis is a rising star in the pharmaceutical arena. Research indicates, that it might open new ways in alleviating and treating severe conditions in a variety of indications. One of the biggest challenges for companies in the field are regulatory and analytical requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Experts within Tentamus Pharma Labs can support you with pharmaceutical know-how throughout the life cycle of your Cannabis-based drug product. These services cover all aspects of a classical pharmaceutical product, e.g. consulting, method development, analyses and bioanalyses of clinical and non-clinical studies and analyses in the commercial phase. As Medical Cannabis does not have just one purified active ingredient, a big focus is in analysis of the product. This is certainly one of our strengths, as we offer a wide variety of the most modern and sensitive analytical and bioanalytical methods. Contact us and arrange a meeting with our experts to learn more about our capabilities.