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Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions develops patient-oriented parenteral delivery solutions for therapeutic performance and safety

Globally trusted for quality and precision, Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions offers pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers around the world comprehensive product design and development services as well as a portfolio of injection, infusion, and primary packaging solutions.

Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions has decades of experience collaborating with pharmaceutical companies from the earliest phases of drug development to the latest stages of product commercialization to optimize critical aspects of parenteral drug delivery.

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Products from Terumo Europe NV - TPS

  • SurGuard 3

    Product SurGuard 3

    Safety made easy

    Hinged safety sheath – stable, reliable
    Sharper needles
    Finger & thumb grips designed to suit all hand sizes
    Can be used on luer slip tip and luer lock syringes
    3 ways of shield activation to suit individual clinician needs and preferences: hard surface or finger or thumb
  • SurGuard 2

    Product SurGuard 2

    The convenient way to prevent needle stick injuries.
    With the development of the SurGuard2 shield and the full integration of Terumo‘s outstanding experience in cannulas for hypodermic injections, we offer a convenient solution to enable a safe work environment.
  • PLAJEX Tapered Needle

    Product PLAJEX Tapered Needle

    Designed for better injectability without compromising patient comfort.

    Lower injection forces for highly viscous drugs.

    The PLAJEX Tapered Needle is designed for better injectability without compromising patient comfort.
  • K-Pack Surshield

    Product K-Pack Surshield

    Hypodermic needle with integrated passive sharps protection.
    Passive and encapsulating sharps protection technology.

    Dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, K-Pack Surshield™ is a hypodermic needle with an integrated sharps protection feature for use with (pre)-filled syringes. The device geometry is designed to allow for automated manipulations during the packaging process, making it ideal for bundling and inclusion into the secondary packaging of parenteral medication by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.
  • K-Pack II

    Product K-Pack II

    Hypodermic needle designed for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    Terumo‘s proven hypodermic needle quality - individually packed in a hard cap & case receptacle. Extra-Thin and Terumo Ultra-Thin wall technology accomplishes the broad product offer!
  • PLAJEX Pre-fillable syringes Luer Lock

    Product PLAJEX Pre-fillable syringes Luer Lock

    Polymer (COP) Pre-Fillable SyringeIntegrated Luer Lock with Threaded Closure (TC) • Easy grip twist off tip cap • Luer lock for secure connection • Luer cone/luer lock compliant with ISO 80369-7 • Large luer inner bore for connectivity with needle-free access devices • Steam sterilization to minimize container/drug interactions
  • Nanopass 34G

    Product Nanopass 34G

    The World’s Thinnest Double Tapered Pen NeedleLess painful insulin injection Unique asymmetric edge Patented slim double tapered needle
  • Winged infusion sets

    Product Winged infusion sets

    Designed for minimal patient discomfort.Flexible, free of kinking tubing andtransparent adapter. Large colour coded wings.  Terumo Thin wall cannula for higherflow rates.  Available with Needle Protection.
  • Nanopass 32,5G

    Product Nanopass 32,5G

    Needle for pen-injectorsOne size made to fit all • Unique asymmetric bevel • Designed to reduce pain • Top technology for everyone 
  • PLAJEX Pre-fillable syringes Staked Needle

    Product PLAJEX Pre-fillable syringes Staked Needle

    The PLAJEX™ device is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of drug types including those requiring low reactive containers.
  • Neolus

    Product Neolus

    The Neolus Needles are hypodermic needles for single use with colour coded hubs according to ISO standards.Their unique bevel design with triple faceting facilitates the penetration of the skin and minimizes trauma.
    Also the special silicone lubricant and the thin walls increase both patient and user comfort.

Terumo Europe NV - TPS Resources

  • News Terumo Enters 100th Anniversary Year

    Terumo Corporation (TSE: 4543) is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year - marking 100 years of 'Contributing to Society through Healthcare' on September 17, 2021. The company has established 'Stride Ahead' as a slogan, to celebrate and connect all Terumo associates around the world. The phrase encompasses the company's belief that big steps forward will lead to a better future for healthcare.
  • Brochure Technology for today and tomorrow. Think Terumo.

    Our PLAJEX primary packaging solutions offer the functionality and compatibility needed to deliver today’s most challenging biologics and parenteral drug products.
  • News Terumo’s PLAJEX Provides a Solution for a New Osteoporosis Treatment Developed and Manufactured on Contract

    Terumo Corporation (TSE: 4543) today announced that a new osteoporosis medication, Teribone
    Asahi Kasei Pharma has been providing lyophilized vial formulation Teribone

  • Brochure Ready-to-fill Polymer syringes and had-case needles

    From the pioneer to the pacesetter for hard-case needles used in hypodermic drug application. Our K-Pack II needles have been designed for co-packing needs and have been crafted to deliver a better patient experience.
  • News Terumo Donates USD 2.4 Million in Cash and Products to Support COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Efforts Worldwide

    - Contributions include USD 1 million to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO -
    As the world joins together to support healthcare workers and others on the front lines providing critical care to patie...

  • Brochure Surflo Winged Infusion Sets (with Filter) and Needle Protection, designed for comfort

    Our Surflo®️ portfolio incorporates the best of Terumo’s needle technology: Triple bevel for smooth skin penetration Interlocking, slightly angled wings for stability and grip Flexible tubing for a consistent flow Surshield®️ safety shield to reduce the risk of NSIs Microbore tubing available to reduce the dead space volume Optional, integrated 20µm filter
  • News Terumo’s PLAJEX™ Enters the US Market by Receiving GMP Certification from FDA to Manufacture Biosimilar Hulio

    Terumo Corporation (TSE: 4543) announced that its affiliate company Terumo Yamaguchi D&D Corporation has received Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in regards to a bio...

  • Brochure We listen. We question. We deliver.

    Comprehensive parenteral delivery product portfolio: Pioneering hypodermic needle innovation designed for patient comfort. More confident, comfortable infusions. Ready to fill polymer syringes, ready for breakthrough formulations and demanding fill & finish processing environments.
  • News Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions wins 2019 Asia-Pacific Industry Award

    Tokyo-based Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions has been awarded the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Award 2019 at the 6th Biologics Manufacturing Asia & 3rd Bio logistics World Asia 2019 conferences in Singapore.
  • Brochure Extra-Thin Wall & Ultra-Thin Wall Technology for enhanced control and improved patient experience

    Terumo’s needle technology helps to use a higher gauge needle without having to compromise on performance. The advantages of the extra-& ultra-thin-wall features are: - Reduced delivery time due to higher flow rates when compared to regular wall type cannulas - Reduced extrusion forces as a result of lower flow resistance – for regular and for high viscosities All aiming to improve patient experience!
  • Video Self-infusion takes great courage; most people with hemophilia do it three times a week for the rest of their lives

    Among inherited blood disorders, hemophilia is often diagnosed early in childhood. Its debilitating symptoms afflict approximately 400,000 worldwide* and takes tremendous effort to treat effectively: Treatment includes frequent infusions Patients as young as eight must learn to treat themselves Requires scrupulous patient dose compliance For young patients it takes real courage to stick themselves with a needle, let alone the responsibility of doing it as many as three times a week. It’s a badge of courage they wear on the inside for the rest of their lives. Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions felt they should have one to wear on the outside – something to let the world know how brave they really are.
  • Video Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions. Our story.

    At Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions, developing effective drug delivery devices is a true craft. It requires experience in medical technology for pharmaceuticals. The care and precision we put in the development of our products comes from our Japanese background.
  • Video Pathway To Overcome Primary Packaging & Drug Product Manufacturing (F&F) Challenges: Case Study, Ophthalmic Drugs

    This webinar will address: The global ophthalmic drug market is forecasted to reach $47.6 billion by 2030 with a growth driven by the rapidly ageing global population. Silicon oil-free technology contributes to achieve low subvisible particles and enable consistent and predictable glide forces for a better drug product system. The collaboration on fill & finish processes and primary containers contribute to improve filling accuracy, minimize headspace and maximize throughput while ensuring flexibility and time to market. Established collaboration such as Terumo and Swissfillon offers a best-in-class solution for ophthalmic projects This webinar originally aired as part of Pharmapack Europe 2021
  • Video Surflo™ Winged Infusion Sets with or without needle protection

    Surflo™ Winged Infusion Sets with Needle Protection offer precision, stability, and the needlestick prevention needed to deliver today’s most advanced therapeutics safely and confidently. 
    More Confident, Comfortable InfusionsIntegrating the best of Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions’ needle technology with interlocking color-coded wings, Surflo® Winged Infusion Sets with Needle Protection (Surshield®) offer a simple needlestick prevention device with Terumo’s industry-leading T-SharpTM lancet design that reduces penetration pain¹.Surflo® Winged Infusion Sets Needle Protection (Surshield®) offer the quality and supply reliability drug developers need to meet parenteral delivery challenges and product commercialization goals.
  • Video PLAJEX TM Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringe with Tapered Needle

    The PLAJEX TM Tapered Needle is designed for better injectability without compromising patient comfort. Resistance to flow can be reduced by using a conically-shaped needle with small diameter at the tip and a larger diameter at the bottom.