The extensive expertise of Lavipharm

20 Aug 2019

Lavipharm is an integrated company with extensive expertise ranging from prescription drug product development to pharmacy retailing services.

Among the characteristic skills of Lavipharm that have contributed to its success is its in-depth knowledge of the markets. Lavipharm is able to optimize its business activities based on its efficiency and integration of the supply chain, its capacity to manage complex sales networks, its ability to launch new brands, and its competence around market access.

The extensive expertise of Lavipharm

Through its extensive R&D activity, Lavipharm is committed to being a technology-based, drug delivery development company, offering unique solutions that satisfy specific needs of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Through its scientific know-how and technology platform, Lavipharm can apply its proprietary expertise in drug delivery technologies in the development of new products aiming to provide significant benefits to patients, customers/partners, shareholders and employees.

Lavipharm’s commitment to transdermal drug delivery systems resulted to the completion of a transdermal production unit in the 1990s, thereby becoming one of the first companies in Europe to produce transdermal delivery systems. This advance led to the successful launch of nitroglycerin and anti-acne patches worldwide, followed by the development and launch of the Company’s FDA approved fentanyl patch, in many countries around the globe.

• has a deep understanding of the consumer, the patient and the medical community, at large,
• is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of healthcare products,
• manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical products containing Schedule III Controlled Substances,
• has proprietary rights and/or access to a wide range of technologies with a variety of applications,
• is constantly pursuing protection of its proprietary technologies and products developed based on their application,
• is experienced in all regulatory aspects affecting the development strategy, file preparation, submission and approval in EU, the USA, Canada and other territories,
• has experience in process and clinical development, scale-up and manufacturing of new products,
• has access to many University research teams and expert advisors covering the full range of its research fields.

Lavipharm is committed to continuously adding new technologies and products to its portfolio and maintaining its position as a world-class developer, manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products. Beyond the complex drug delivery platforms, Lavipharm’s capabilities also include conventional forms such as tablets, capsules, powders, syrups/solutions and creams/ointments.