15 Nov 2021

NovaPure® Components

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The NovaPure™ brand is West’s premium line of stoppers, offering the tightest particulate specification available for West elastomer products. NovaPure stoppers combine the protection of FluroTec® barrier film, West Envision® automated vision inspection and lot-to-lot extractables testing with the assurance that comes from deep process understanding and manufacturing controls based on Quality by Design (QbD) principles. The result is a consistent product that has shown itself capable of meeting the challenges of today’s sensitive, high-value biologics and small molecules.

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  • Technical Data West Ready Pack™ System

    West Ready Pack™ high-quality primary packaging components consist of sterilized NovaPure® stoppers, Flip-Off® CCS (clean, certified, sterilized) seals and vials. Ready Pack components are provided ready to use and are available for order in small minimum order quantities from stock. Ready Pack components are particularly well-suited for R&D purposes or small filling operations, and are designed to support a smooth transition from early-stage pilot manufacture to larger commercial-scale operations.Buy Now