4 Jul 2019

Head-to-Head comparison of Hydrogen Peroxide and Steam sterilization

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The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly using different sterilization technologies rather thansteam sterilization. This increase is driven by the need for sterilizing thermo-labile products orareas that cannot be dimensioned as a pressure vessel (barrier systems such as Closed RestrictedAccess Areas or Isolators), under “softer” conditions. However, the reliability and repeatabilityof this process are compromised by the complexity of using a vapor phase compound thatrequires homogeneity (material, temperature, pressure, moisture), in order to ensure sterility.

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    Telstar’s centre in the UK consolidates its growth by supplying integrated isolation tech solutions for aseptic and containment pharma production
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    To safeguard the integrity of the lyophilized product
    • Lyosensing addresses one of the main fears associated with lyophilization processes, the presence of silicone oil leaks from thermal fluid through the shelves circuit that could generate the loss of an important amount of contaminated product
    • As a real time in-situ tracking system, Telstar Lyosensing also detects the presence of water vapors in the chamber being capable to monitor the primary and secondary drying, as well as identifying residual gases or external agents in the aseptic environment
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    A complete turnkey project.
    • The new facility will accommodate an aseptic filling and lyophilization line in an autonomous sterile area, covering the complete process from raw material dispensing to collection of the final product.
    • Telstar has taken on the  responsibility for the complete critical installation supply, from concept design through basic & detailed engineering to the construction, including the provision of production equipment and utilities, as well as a complete commissioning, qualification and validation service, inclusive of PQ and quality assurance support.
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    Sola dosis facit venenum: “Only the dose makesthe poison”. The quote from Paracelsus, the Swissphysician, alchemist, and astrologer born in 1493-considered by many as the father of toxicologypositsthat any substance can become a poisonat certain doses. The problem arises when a drug,which is formulated to cure, becomes preciselythe opposite: a poison. Shockingly, data fromthe FDA show that the main causes of injectabledrugs product recall are the presence of particles,lack of sterility and bacteria contamination. Both professionals and companies involved indrug manufacturing are therefore part of thesolution and have the responsibility of improvingthe situation, either by designing safer facilities,investing in safer equipment, or manufacturing ina safer way. This article compares two key technologies formitigating contamination risks in the manufactureof sterile medicines through aseptic process(isolators and RABS), identifying main differencesand uses depending on the product and type ofapplication, and give a glimpse of the trends inthe field of track-and-trace system integration intoaseptic and sterile processes.
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    What operating pressure manufactures should choose duringthe aseptic processing of potent materials in isolator?This is a question that is posed regularly and divides opinionon which approach is the correct one.
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    Breakthrough innovations in Freeze Drying Lyogistics Zero is the only vial automatic loading & unloading system for freeze-drying processes which can be cleaned (CIP) and sterilized (SIP) in place, inside the freeze-dryer chamber.
  • News Telstar designs an innovative HVAC control system that provides automatic regulation in clean rooms

    A new R&D development: Smart Clean Room HVAC System
    • The system automatically controls the room air renovations determined by the particles concentration level keeping the integrity of the cleanroom environmentin real time according to GMP regulations 
    • Depending on the room grade classification and activity, the implementation of this new system can save over 40% in energy consumption
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    A huge step forward investigating new technologies in the field of loading & unloading systemsfor pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes allows not only to provide greater unprecedentedlevels of technical precision and robustness, but also actively contributes to maintain integrity ofthe freeze-drying process and product under full aseptic conditions and to ensure the maximumasepsis level in pharmaceutical production processes. The solution resolves the main issues whichoperators find on a day to day basis. By incorporating new frictionless magnetic drive technology,loading & unloading systems are able to minimize the presence of particles that comes from themechanisms and electrical accessories, which are typically used in conventional systems, allowsloading at maximum speed under cold shelf loading conditions, and in case of failure allows thesystem to run in manual mode to avoid opening the system and losing the production batch. A newdevelopment, under the Telstar Lyogistics Zero brand, integrates a cleanable and steam-sterilizableslider with no concealed parts which is moved by a contact-free magnetic drive mechanismwhich has achieved an exceptional improvement on cleanability and sterility. How this newtechnology works and what new challenges this sets out for the future is the purpose of this article.
  • News Telstar develops a new standard series of modular weighing booths

    The company optimizes downflow booths and reduces delivery times from 13 to 3 weeks. Telstar has developed a new standardized range of downflow booths for weighting and sampling used for materials dispensing and dosage process. Designed to meet the most commonly demanding requirements needed for this range of equipment, the company has developed a new standardized version of nine different size models, shaped by conventional and standard requisites based on a compact modular structure. The new standardized modular and compact range of cabinets allows expediting the design and installation process of cabinets, significantly reducing delivery times, making easier both the full integration of the equipment to the facility architecture or a standalone installation as required when installing within existing locations.
  • Whitepaper CASE STUDY: Recipe for success in freeze-drying a cytotoxic product

    Telstar reveals its solution to developing a freeze-drying recipe for a cytotoxic product in a solution of water and tert-butyl alcohol as a solvent, in this case study. Published in the European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (EPM)  magazine, written by Maria Santafe, Process Laboratory Engineer at Azbil Telstar.
  • News A complete set of 13 high-containment isolators operating under a once-through-airflow design for Ipsen Biopham

    • With a challenging level of 200 picograms/m³, this suite of isolators has been designed and validated by Telstar to provide probably the highest operator protection level to date within the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Coupled with very demanding cleanroom/airflow and design requirements; the result is an installation which pushes the boundaries of operator and product protection in isolators.