11 Oct 2021

Chiara Colombo, FPS Marketing Manager, talks about the next FPS marketing activities and the news

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The sector of trade shows and fairs has been put to the test during these months of emergency, now it seems that the situation is returning to some normalcy, what are the scheduled events for FPS?

In 2020 almost all events were cancelled or postponed due Covid-19, which prevents large events, especially indoors. After a series of dates set for autumn with different approaches, even the big fairs had to capitulate, postponing everything to 2021. We have been forced to rethink the ways we always presented ourselves to the market and find new ones. For the first time, FPS participated in two virtual conferences this September: the HPAPI Medicine Conference and PharmaCongress. Both events were appreciated by the public who liked the safety of it.

In October and November, however, our sales director, Eng. Butti, will be present as a speaker at the conference on containment organized by the A3P Association and at the Manufacturing Chemi...

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  • News ❓ How to safely discharge a Spray Dryer and mill the potent API?

    What are the issues?
    • SBV at Spray Dryer discharge is difficult to clean
    • Exposure risk during transfer to milling room 
    • Large lab uses 100 gowns per day (frequent in & out)
  • Video Stefano Butti, FPS Head of the Sales Group, talks about the current italian market situation, what FPS expects from the future and other company news

    Today we’re here to talk about the just passed year and how it was for FPS especially for the Italian Market.

    First of all, I’d like to underline that we’re very proud to be Italian and we’re proud how the Italian Market response about the current situation of Covid 19. As we always mentioned on our social profile, FPS has never stopped and we always given ...

  • News Isolator for Tablet Press machine

    Formulation operations involve a lot of process equipment and need to handle small or large batch size.Integration of the containment system with the process equipment is a must to make sure the systems are run efficiently and ergonomically while assuring productivity and end-product quality.One of the typical applications is the Tablet Press, complete with metal checker and de-dusters.
  • Video Paolo Barilli, FPS Process Engineer, talks about his design approach for FPS

    1. What is the design approach of FPS? 

    FPS is highly specialized in the design and manufacture of custom isolators for potent actives and sterile solutions. The strength of FPS is certainly its flexibility and its commitment to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. The solution that we offer is always tailor-made based on the customer needs. To do that we really drill down on the specifics of the process. This leads to a first drawing which is reviewed with our customer. This phase will generate a second design that is used to build a real-scale mock up to test the ergonomics of the system along with the customer. That study leads to a detailed design which includes a P&ID, a Functional Design Specification and a study of safe interlocks for the isolator.


    2. Which kind of isolators are manufactured by FPS?

    We only design and manufacture tailor-made systems for HPAPI or sterile solutions. Each process is uniq...
  • News The new FPS high containment isolator for micronization

    How can you achieve high containment for continuous jet milling of highly toxic API (50 ng/m3)?
  • Video Valerio Guarnieri, Micronization Excellence Center supervisor, presents the MEC

    1. What is a Micronization Excellence Center (MEC) and what is it for?

    It is a laboratory for micronization tests with ISO8 clean rooms. It has 2 missions: a R&D center to design new equipment and a test center to study the behavior of micronized products. We have several analytical instruments such as DSC25, Malvern Hydro S 2000 and an optical microscope (to monitor the characteristics that the product acquires during the micronization process). The micronization process takes place using compressed air or nitrogen as a process gas and we can run in controlled air conditions but also under cryogenic conditions. Finally, the MEC has an isolator which is used to handle potent products and to operate in an inert environment.

    2. What types of tests does FPS offer to its customers?
    FPS is very flexible and always adapts to the customer needs. The goal of our highly qualified and experienced staff is to reach specific technical specific...
  • News Toxic-sterile isolator for preparation vessel charging

    How to weigh and dispense a high potent serile into a process vessel.

    How to maintain the API sterility and protect the operator without using PPE.

    How to avoid cross-contamination from processing different products.

  • Video Simona Manganelli, QHSE Manager and Gloria Bergamasco, COMPLIANCE Manager, talk about the latest safety news and new measures adopted by FPS

    1.What does security mean for FPS?
    S.M. -> FPS has a certficied safety and quality management system ISO 9001 and 45001. Tthe health and safety of workers is the primary goal.
    G.B. -> Design and manufacture high standard levels and performance machines. Guarantee the safety of the operator, the product and the surrounding environment.

    2. How does FPS guarantee safety with its machinery?
    S.M. ->The FPS machines guarantee containment performances to allow the safe handling of harmful or potentially harmful products for the operator's health.
    G.B. -> FPS has the CE marking on its machines. It was obtained after following a careful risk assessment in compliance with Directive 2006/42 EC. Our equipments can operate in potentially explosive atmospheres as they comply with the ATEX 2014/34 EU directive. For the American market, FPS manufactures and installs UL compliant machinery for whic...
  • News Monthly interview: the FPS process engineer

    Here Paolo Barilli, FPS Process Engineer, talks about the design approach for FPS
  • News Laminar flow booths

    High level of air quality in a confined space
  • Video Luca Rabuffi, FPS Technical Manager, talks about the latest project news

    1. What is the technical approach of FPS?

    The strength of FPS is certainly its flexibility and its commitment to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Each project is different from the next and the solution we offer is always tailor-made based on the customer needs and constraints; to achieve this, the technical department must always be prepared, committed to continuous learning and eager to find new technical solutions for designing the next project. The design is done 100% in-house by the technical department. To achieve the best collaboration, we nurture a unique culture shared by the entire design team: the mechanical designers, the electrical designers and the software des...

  • Video After Sales Manager's interview

    Today Rita Masiello, Service and After Sales Manager, talks about the importance of scheduled maintenance and after sales service.
  • News New AR tool!

    FPS is introducing a new Augmented Reality tool
  • Video Custom or standard isolator: which is the best solution?

    Sometimes a standard isolator is all you need especially if your process is very short and simple, if quantities are very small and you don’t need to integrate any equipment. But you need to make some compromises and you will have to adapt your process to that standard equipment. 

    The principle of a custom is the opposite: it is the isolator that is adapted to fit your process.  

    Every feature of the isolator will be designed to make your process runs very smoothly and quickly. Ergonomics for the operators will be optimized and the design will be tested on a life size wooden model during a mock-up exercise by your own staff. 

    FPS offers the possibility to create its own tailor-made solutions, according to the customer's needs, guaranteeing high safety standards for the operator, the product and the environment.

  • News Monthly interview: the FPS technical approach

    Today, Luca Rabuffi, FPS Technical Manager, talks about the latest project news.
  • News Free FPS Containment WEBINAR

  • News Monthly interview: the FPS marketing and events news

    Today, Chiara Colombo, FPS Marketing Manager, talks about the next FPS marketing activities and the news.
  • News FPS pays particular attention to the "mock-up" in the design stage

    The ability to listen and the flexibility in adapting to the needs of the customer are the strengths that over the years have rewarded FPS.

  • News Interviewing Mr Le Pape, General Manager of FPS America

    Mr Frederic Le Pape, General Manager FPS America, presents the situation on the american market today and the news
  • News Interviewing Eng. Stefano Butti, FPS Sales Director

    Stefano Butti, FPS Head of the Sales Group, presents the situation on the Italian market today and the news
  • News STS - Swab Testing Station for Covid-19

    FPS is pleased to announce the launch of a new innovating solution for swabbing, that will ensure the absolute safety of operators and patients: the Swab Testing Station (STS).
  • News Innovating solution for COVID-19 swabbing

    FPS is pleased to announce the developing of a new innovating solution for swabbing, that will ensure the absolute safety of operators and patients.
  • News #FPSneverSTOPS

    Following the new provisions of the Italian Government aimed at stop the spread of Coronavirus, we wish to inform you that FPS is currently open and operational, in line with the necessary prevention and security measures.
  • News CPhI World Wide

    CPhI Worldwide houses six zones representing each stage of the pharmaceutical supply chain - from APIs, machinery and packaging to outsourcing and biopharmaceuticals. Uniting over 45,000 visiting attendees and 2,500 international exhibitors, this is the place to network and source cost-effective pharma solutions from all over the world - in just 3 days, under one roof.
  • News 5th Annual Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Summit

    FPS is event partner, with Vonlanteng Group, of the 5th anniversary edition of the of Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Summit the will be held on October 2-4, 2019, in Rome, Italy.
  • News FPS Containment Workshop

    Fps is proud to announce a new appointment about Containment field.

  • News Micronization Workshop: Jet milling industrialization of sticky API using QbD

    On 15th October, FPS proposes a training day focused on the last study published with pharmaceutical industry experts: Jet milling industrialization of sticky API using QbD.The meeting will consist in a theoretical part followed by a practical demonstration in the testing facility, where you will be able to see some technical tests.
  • News Jet milling industrialization of sticky API using QbD

    FPS has recently cooperated with pharmaceutical industry experts in a research on jet mills' practices in pharmaceutical industries.
  • News 2nd Containment Workshop from Fps

    Fps is proud to announce a new appointment about Containment field.
  • News Powtech 2019

    FPS will attend Powtech in Nurnberg from 09th to 11st April.
  • News CPhI Middle East and Africa 2018

    For the first time, FPS confirms his presence in partnership with Dott.Bonapace at CPhI Middle East & Africa, that will be held in Abu Dhabi from 03rd to 05th September.
  • News Visit us at ISPE Exhibiton and Conference!

    FPS, together with its local partner 1Supplier, will be present at the next ISPE event will be held in Singapore from 29th to 31st August at stand 103. This annual forum is one of the events most followed by experts because it offers the opportunity to increase your knowledge and your business in a single event.
  • News FPS Workshops: Containment and Micronization

    FPS is pleased to announce the selected dates for two workshops, on containment and micronization, that will be held place in October and November in Fiorenzuola d’Arda. 
  • News You're invited at ACHEMA 2018

    FPS will be attending ACHEMA 2018 trade fair, the World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries held in Frankfurt am Main from 11 -15thJune 2018, bringing its expertise in high quality containment solutions and milling and micronization systems, especially for the pharmaceutical and chemical market.
  • News Tailor-made containment system match with asepsis

    FPS, leader company in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical fields, developing, manufacturing and installing worldwide its own range of Fine Size Reduction machines and Containment Solutions (Sterile and Highly Potent API), has recently delivered a very complex project that combines high containment within aseptic condition

    It’s composed by N°2 ANFD (Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers, respectively in AISI316L and HC22 material) system with integrated sampling, discharge, milling and packing-off station suitable to handle OEB4 dry product under sterile conditions. Discharged product can be moved to final dispensing containment system for the preparation of final product in different packages. As an alternative in case of ultra fine powder requirement, the product after preliminary drying and milling can be moved to dedicated Micronization and final dispensing isolator (with integrated FPS spiral Jetmill type PilotMill-6).

    Key features of this system are:
    ·         Multi-chamber design providing defined barrier between the process and surrounding environment.
    ·         Full access to the micronization unit and the dispensing station installed inside the isolator.
    ·         Glove ports arrangement to provide best ergonomics and maximum viewing of all process operations.
    ·         Positive/negative pressure regime between enclosure and surrounding environment to ensure all potential contamination is kept inside and required sterility level is assured.

      The FPS Sales director and micronization expert, Eng. Stefano Butti, says: “It is a plant where the product is processed in conditions of high containment and asepsis, starting from its filtration and drying and passing through the milling, micronization and final dispensing.  All process steps and control system were managed entirely by us as main contractor, both for isolators and for the various process machines. The success of this challenge was certainly due to the experience gained in similar projects and the ability to combine these experiences, even in a critical way, with the aim of further improving what has already been done. “

    A dedicated team worked closely with the client throughout the project to ensure that all specific requirements were met (sterility, containment, process performance), and superior quality of manufacture and containment levels were maintained. 

  • News You are invited to visit us at CPhI North America

    FPS Food and Pharma Systems, and his Us subsidiary (FPS America LLC), will be present at the second edition CPhI North America in Philadelphia on 24/26 April. The show is your opportunity to meet the entire pharma eco-system, from early discovery to commercialization, offering you access to the right partners at any stage of development.

    With over 7,400 attendees and 630+ exhibitors together for three days, this is your chance to network with top industry players, learn about the latest trends and regulations, and effectively do business.


    In order to support the continued growth of our business in North America, FPS opened a new office in Philadelphia, PA and appointed Frederic Le Pape as General Manager. 

    Commenting on the activity, Eng. Giovanni Gianola - FPS President said: "The move is part of our continued investment in high quality services which enables us to respond to the growing needs of our customers from the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. With over 1,000 systems in operation worldwide for containment and micronization we can now offer our custom systems directly to the North American market". 

    Talking about the management team, Giovanni Gianola added: “I am also pleased to welcome Frederic Le Pape to lead our subsidiary. Frederic brings 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and will contribute greatly to our continuing success.”

    In the coming months, you can meet the FPS team at Interphex, New York (April 17-19) and CPhI North America, Philadelphia (April 24-26).
    Call or email us today to schedule a meeting with our team and discuss your specific needs or to get more information about our products and services. 
  • News FPS Food and Pharma Systems delivers high containment isolator systems for R&D and QC Lab

    FPS recently supplied a complete system of high containment isolators for R&D and QC Lab to a global pharmaceutical company.