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The Top Five Product Searches on CPhI Online: November

30 Nov 2020

Which were the products that drew the most interest in the CPhI directory in November?

1. Avoquin 4% - Avalon Pharma

This skin lightening cream was the product that drew the most interest on CPhI Online in November, according to an analysis of search data from the directory.

The formulation – sold in African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets -- contains hydroquinone, which the company describes as the ‘gold standard’ for treatment of skin hyperpigmentation and claims has been proven in clinical trials to be the safest and most effective skin lightening agent.

Skin lightening refers to the practice of using chemical substances to lighten the skin or provide an even skin colour by reducing the melanin concentration. Hydroquinone is currently not approved for this purpose in Europe.

2. Mycoten - Munir Sukhtian Group

This antifungal treatment was the second most searched product during the month. The formulation, available in both tablets and cream, contains the active ingredient clotrimazole and is used for the relief of vaginal itching, burning, and discharge associated with vaginal yeast infections (vulvovaginal candidiasis).

3. Avomeb – Avalon Pharma

Avoquin was by no means the only Avalon product in the top five: its topical preparation, Avomeb -- used for the treatment of burn wounds -- was the third most-searched-for product.

The company claims that the ointment, which contains 0.25% beta-sitosterol, has been demonstrated to reduce evaporation from the wound surface in Chinese clinical and experimental studies reported.

4. Avocom-M cream – Avalon Pharma

Avalon made it a hat-trick of products in the top five with its anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and anti-allergic Avocom-M cream, coming in at number four. The product is a unique combination of corticosteroid, Mometasone Furoate, (0.1% concentration) and anti-fungal Miconazole Nitrate (2%).

5. Apranax Forte – Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals

And finally, at number five was the oral drug, Apranax Forte, available in film-coated tablets (550 mg), and sold by Turkish firm, Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals.

The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory contains the active ingredient, naproxen sodium, which is used to treat pain, menstrual cramps, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, and fever.