Roundtable - Cell & Gene Technology

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Roundtable - Cell & Gene Technology

This Roundtable will feature a high-level panel discussion from industry experts, with numerous opportunities for audience interaction – polls, Q&A and break-out networking sessions. A great opportunity to deep-dive into specific topics, discuss opinions and gather insights from the wider pharma community. After decades of slow and steady progress and thanks to clinical, manufacturing, and technological advancements, the huge potential of cell and gene therapies is being recognised. This market growth requires significant investments in disruptive technologies to enhance safety and activity as well as reducing production costs. Seeking accelerated clinical trials and approvals for advanced therapeutics is on the rise. With many having fast track status designation, it is increasingly critical for innovators to optimize the process and develop an enabling technology that automates and accelerates drug development.

  • Evaluation of new innovative technologies and process platforms across the entire scale-up and production process
  • Gene Therapy Innovation and Product Development
  • Technology Integrators in Cell and Gene Therapy: Increased Efficiency and Standardization
  • The requirements from next generation viral and non-viral delivery platforms for cell engineering
  • Retention of immune cell functionality following complex engineering
  • Challenges of preservation, packaging and logistics needed to be overcome to delivery cell and gene therapies at scale
  • Aired as part of the CPhI Festival of pharma

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