23 Nov 2021

Novel Excipients

This session was originally broadcast as part of the CPHI Worldwide 2021 digital content programme.

Innovation in excipients encourages the development of advanced treatments and therapeutics and increases access to high-quality, effective, and safe medicines. This session provides an overview on the actual landscape, offers some examples and tackles some of the challenges and opportunities in this field.

  • The role of Excipients in supporting innovation and development
  • Challenges in identifying Novel Excipients today
  • Barriers & potential solutionsfor facilitating the use of Novel Excipients
  • Multifunctional coprocessed excipients for improved tabletting performance
  • The Importance of excipient quality: GMPs and evolving regulations
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    • Whitepaper Co-Processed Multifunctional Excipients in Tableting

      The global dietary supplement industry is experiencing unprecedented growth in product development from existing players as well as new entrants. To gain a competitive edge, many supplement makers formulate with multiple ingredients, including minerals, amino acids, herbals, and vitamins in a single tablet. Doing so allows these companies to position their products with additional benefits compared to other delivery systems in the same category. However, multi-ingredient formulations also create marketing and operational challenges for manufacturers.

      A trend dominating the supplement market is the clean label movement. This trend is increasing pressure on manufacturers to simplify labels by reducing the number of ingredients. Additionally, consumers desire smaller, easier-to-swallow tablets for children and senior citizens.

      To meet these consumer trends, dietary supplement manufacturers should consider CPMEs as a key solution.

      In this paper you will learn:
      What CPMEs are
      Advantages of CPMEs
      How CPMEs enable manufacturers to reduce ingredients
      Why CPMEs deliver more in a smaller pill
      Comparison of Innophos CPMEs vs. conventional excipients