12 Oct 2021

Navigating the CDMO Market: Hurdles, Transformation & Opportunities

This webinar originally aired as part of CPhI Discover - 17-28 May 2021
After a tumultuous year, what are the key factors shaping the future of the CDMO market? This session will bring together industry heavyweights for an outlook on 2021 and beyond.
Join this live stream session to gain insights into:

  • CDMO market outlook, where do the most significant opportunities lie?
  • What does technology and innovation look like in the post-COVID-19 CDMO market?
  • Manufacturing vaccines at scale – what are the concerns of the CDMO side?
  • Onshoring API Manufacturing – can we expect more manufacturers to expand operations on home turf?
  • What are the key factors that will be shaping the future of the CDMO service market?
  • This session will feature a live Q&A with the speakers.

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