Traditional Chinese medicine -Gujingmaisiha Tablets

Traditional Chinese medicine -Gujingmaisiha Tablets
Product Description

Product Name: Gujing Maisiha TabletActive Ingredients: Pure Herbs(Radis anacycli pyrethri, Nutmeg, Mastich, Rose,Saffron, Rhizoma nardostachyos , cardamom, Cloves, Tsaoko Amomum Fruit,Cyperus Rotundus, Radix Curcumae Aromaticae etc.)
Indications: Andrology: Spermatorrhea & enuresis;Extend IELT(Latency of Ejaculation)
                       Reproductive Medicine Center: Asthenospermia caused with unknown reasons.
                     Dermatology: early age graying of hair. 4. Neurology: spiritlessness and fatigue
Package: 0.36g * 72 tablet box
Drug History: This Medication is a Uyghur Drug and has been collected into the UyghurDrug book of the Drugs standard of the Chinese Ministry of Health. It is also one of theMedicare products in China 

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Xi-an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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