With more than 40 years’ experience and projects realized in 110 countries, KURZ is your expert for security solutions. Our TRUSTCONCEPT® range brings together a comprehensive package for the protection of your brand and products. It includes diffractive security elementsprinted security labels, and security software, available individually and as a custom-tailored overall solution. In addition to brand and product protection, TRUSTCONCEPT® also provides a platform for digital marketing campaigns, so you can reach and interact with your customers.

Furthermore KURZ develops and manufactures decorative and functional coatings that are applied to carrier foils and employed for a wide variety of products: for automotive components, cell phones, TVs, washing machines, furniture, packaging, books, textiles, bottle labels, transaction cards, banknotes, passports and lots more.

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Products from TRUSTCONCEPT

  • KURZ - new product protection and traceability solution for COVID pharmaceuticals

    Product KURZ - new product protection and traceability solution for COVID pharmaceuticals

    As one of the world's leading providers of comprehensive security concepts, KURZ has developed a product protection solution for Covid-19 pharmaceuticals. It makes it possible to securely authenticate test kits and vaccines, and to track the flow of goods. The Covid counterfeit protection solution consists of a physical Trustseal security label and Trustcode software. KURZ relies on the combination of physical and digital security components for fast, reliable authentication of products.
  • Diffractive TRUSTSEAL® Protect Security OVD for visual authentication withovert, covert and forensic security features
  • Your own design with a smart combination of multiple security features
  • Proprietary technology for true brand protection
  • Diffractive Serialization or encrypted QR-Codes possible
  • NFC-Tag combination also possible
  • TRUSTCODE® compatible
  • Application:
    TRUSTSEAL® Protect can be applied to any kind of surface. It is the state of the art solutionfor attractive and appealing brand protection. With multiple security features it gives you andyour customers certainty that it is a genuine product.For more information visit or ask us in the chat.
  • TTR VEROSPEC® is a thermal transfer ribbon that makes your labels forgery-proof
  • TTR Unique VEROSPEC® tags labels with an exclusive and invisible security feature
  • Only devices with special software can read the feature
  • You can check the authenticity of your products whenever and wherever you desire
  • TTR Unique VEROSPEC® gives you back control over your supply chain
  • Unique technology for genuine brand protection

  • Application: Making labels forgery-proof is easy with TTR Unique VEROSPEC®: you change neither your usual print settings nor the print process. To get started, just insert the thermal transferribbon customized for you. The security feature we deposit in the coating of TTR Unique VEROSPEC® is unique.This is also true for the read out software that comes with the security foil and the scanning device. The scanner is calibrated to detect whether the coating foil on the label contains your exclusive security feature. This helps detect any attempted forgeries and neutralize criminal schemes.