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31 Mar 2022

UK project accelerates ATMP manufacturing supply chain

Symbiosis, Freeline Therapeutics and Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult joined forces to decrease drug manufacturing timelines

Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services is reporting “very positive” results from a £1.3 million project aiming to create leaner manufacturing supply chains and reduce the production cycle.  

As part of the UK Research and Innovation-funded initiative, Symbiosis partnered with Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult) and Freeline Therapeutics to develop a lean supply chain for the sterile filling and manufacturing of drug products.  

They noted a 60% reduction in the production cycle timeline, exceeding their original goal of 25%.  

The project learnings are expected to accelerate the manufacturing supply chain for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) within the UK. 

The collaboration established a streamlined manufacturing process with an advanced testing package, where it was possible to avoid the long lead-time for testing adventitious agents – something that’s historically been required. An improved contamination control process was also created.  

This has the potential to save ATMP therapy developers several weeks of drug development time in selecting the correct regime for disinfection of the facility post-manufacture, avoiding the need to test efficacy with each individual biopharmaceutical product.  

Symbiosis COO John McCormick described the project results as “very positive”, while Symbiosis CEO Colin MacKay said time savings exceeded expectations.  

MacKay said: “This reduction in the time taken between consecutive stages in the UK ATMP drug development manufacturing supply chain not only exceeds the projects original target to reduce the timeline by over 25%, but underlines how progressive collaborative strategic approaches can create opportunities for our shared clients to add value to their pharmaceutical assets by accelerating their development through clinical trial and, ultimately, bring life-changing therapies to patients more quickly”. 

CGT Catapult CEO Matthew Durdy added that the project is “testament to the UK’s leading position in ATMP manufacture”.  

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