Ultra Fine Mill

5 Nov 2019

Ultra Fine Mill (Screenless Equipment) are precisely built for grinding of soft to medium hard materials into amazingly fine powder.

Built-in water circulation jacket retains grinding temperature lower than otherwise, permitting handling of some heat sensitive applications.

Ultra Fine Mill
Ultra Fine Mill

Design permits ease of cleaning & quick change over of products, thus savings through a minimum of downtime. Feed is controlled via screw feeder. The air swept product passes through a complex grinding contour where attrition force combined with turbo (jet) effect ensures ultra fine particle size. The annular gap plate controls the flow of material through the Mill. The powder is discharged at the bottom opening, for collection. Various options available to meet users need.

Highlights of Ultra Fine Mill
• Screenless Equipment for specific narrowband particle size
• Powdering Solution up to 20 microns
• 500 + Installations
• Dust less operations
• Cool grinding technology

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