UPS® Premier

UPS® Premier
Product Description

Critical healthcare goods can bring patients new hope. But only if they arrive on time and intact. UPS Premier upgrades small packages with advanced sensor technology that ensures a priority lane in our network with highly specialized handling with enhanced visibility and control along the way.

The technology upgrade for critical healthcare shipments.

Priority Handling
Now small packages can get “white glove” services normally reserved for specialty freight. Thanks to our sensor labeling system, your package will get priority handling at every node in the network as well as preferred delivery services and proactive alerts.

Enhanced Sensor-Based Visibility
Advanced RFID, mesh, or cellular sensor technology built into to our highly visible labeling system allow you to tailor your level of visibility services for the needs of each shipment.

Live 24/7 Monitoring
Live agents at our Command Center provide 24/7 monitoring and intervention services for your most critical shipments when you choose UPS Premier.

Advanced Recovery
Pre-configured handling instructions allow the UPS team to effectively locate your package and quickly take action on distressed shipments within the network, mitigating risk for even your most fragile payloads. We also offer insurance options to limit financial exposure.

UPS Healthcare

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  • 2021
    On CPHI since
  • 5000+
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Contract Service
Distributor/Import Export

UPS Healthcare

  • BE
  • 2021
    On CPHI since
  • 5000+
Company types
Contract Service
Distributor/Import Export

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