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14 May 2012

US Appeals Court Upholds Abilify Patent

Otsuka Pharmaceutical's antipsychotic drug Abilify is protected until April 2015, preventing generic versions of the drug from being launched until that time, a US court has ruled.

The US Federal Circuit has affirmed a lower court's ruling in favour of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co regarding its antipsychotic drug Abilify, the company has announced.


Otsuka Pharmaceutical and its parent company, Otsuka Holdings, said this week (May 8th) that the court had issued its judgment in favour of Otsuka, thereby helping to remove the threat of generic-drug competition.


Several companies have been seeking approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to market generic versions of Abilify, but the Federal Circuit has ruled that the asserted claims of US Patent No 5,006,528 are valid.


This means that Abilify is covered by patent and regulatory protection until April 20th 2015 at the ea

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