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15 Oct 2021

Vaccines Pharmaceutical services

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Vaccines Pharmaceutical services

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  • News Telstar’s centre in the UK consolidates its growth by supplying integrated isolation tech solutions for aseptic and containment pharma production

    Telstar’s centre in the UK consolidates its growth by supplying integrated isolation tech solutions for aseptic and containment pharma production
  • Brochure Aseptic Barrier Systems

    Telstar has over 50 years’ experience in the developmentof highly complex projects for pharmaceutical and biotechindustries, from integrated process equipment using in-housetechnologies, to design, engineering and construction ofplants, including turnkey project management and support forcritical installations. Telstar is a company with global vision that is acknowledged asa major supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, and has beendesigning and manufacturing Aseptic and Containment BarrierIsolators for over 25 years. Installations range from high quality stand alone Isolators tocustomised solutions; Telstar’s solutions are innovative withthe capacity to develop and manufacture systems entirelyin‑house providing a cost effective solution and ensuring highquality control over the whole process.
  • Whitepaper RABS & Isolators Track-and-trace trends

    Sola dosis facit venenum: “Only the dose makesthe poison”. The quote from Paracelsus, the Swissphysician, alchemist, and astrologer born in 1493-considered by many as the father of toxicologypositsthat any substance can become a poisonat certain doses. The problem arises when a drug,which is formulated to cure, becomes preciselythe opposite: a poison. Shockingly, data fromthe FDA show that the main causes of injectabledrugs product recall are the presence of particles,lack of sterility and bacteria contamination. Both professionals and companies involved indrug manufacturing are therefore part of thesolution and have the responsibility of improvingthe situation, either by designing safer facilities,investing in safer equipment, or manufacturing ina safer way. This article compares two key technologies formitigating contamination risks in the manufactureof sterile medicines through aseptic process(isolators and RABS), identifying main differencesand uses depending on the product and type ofapplication, and give a glimpse of the trends inthe field of track-and-trace system integration intoaseptic and sterile processes.
  • Video 2022 Telstar Lyogistics Zero Automatic Loading Unloading System for Freeze Dryers

    Telstar Lyogistics Zero, installed in a 30m2 Freeze dryer under an isolator, is a very compact and versatile automatic loading and unloading solution. It can handle vial sizes up to 100R, and many different format types, including trays and Lyoguards®. It’s a suitable system to operate in cold shelf loading conditions as it can transport a small pack of vials to the final position on each shelf. Also, it’s the only slider type solution in the market that can be automatically cleaned and sterilized inside the chamber.