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  • With our global manufacturing headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon, Valliscor is a US-based chemical manufacturing company that provides fluoroalkylation reagents for the pharmaceutical industries. Key products include bromofluoromethane,  dibromodifluoromethane, fluoroiodomethane, difluoroiodomethane, pentafluoropentanol and perfluorodecalin.  We also offer downstream building blocks such as fluoromethoxy- and difluoromethoxybenzenes and other aromatic variants.   
  • Many of the bromofluorocarbon compounds we offer are ozone depleting substances (ODSs) and are regulated by the Montreal Protocol. We are well-versed in the full regulatory spectrum for ODSs and regulations. We offer our clients early stage ODS alternative while guiding them on the most cost-effective commercial solutions that may include the use of ODSs as feedstock materials in their chemical manufacturing processes for a given API. Our Valliscor Europa subsidiary (Based in Dublin, Ireland) is available to assist our European clients with the importation of ozone-depleting substance...

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Products from Valliscor (3)

  • Bromofluoromethane

    Product Bromofluoromethane

    Bromofluoromethane (BFM) is a powerful reagent for the incorporation of fluoromethyl moieties. BFM is widely used commercially for the manufacture of fluticasone. Valliscor manufactures kilogram to commercial scale of high purity BFM (>99.9% pure) for the pharmaceutical industry in its ...
  • Dibromodifluoromethane

    Product Dibromodifluoromethane

    Dibromodifluoromethane (DBDFM) is a useful tool for a wide variety of functionalization – from cyclopropanation to alkylation to the LCD and OLED markets. In many of these transformations, the resultant products contain fluorine. Using proprietary technology, Valliscor manufactures kilogram to ...
  • Fluoroiodomethane

    Product Fluoroiodomethane

    Fluoroiodomethane (FIM) is a powerful reagent for fluoromethylation offered from grams to kilograms to commercial scale. FIM is a non-ozone depleting alternative to bromofluoromethane (BFM) for fluoromethylation of steroids including fluticasone and an excellent choice for medicinal chemists.  To find ou...