Vencare Fortification Shampoo

Vencare Fortification Shampoo
Product Description

Vencare Fortication Shampoo contains oleanolic acid, apigenin and biotin. These ingredients act together to nourish and repair the hair fiber. A frequent or daily use of the shampoo rebalances the physiological process, strengthens the weakened hair structure and gives density to the hair.

Italian Venture for Care

  • IT
  • 2020
    On CPhI since

Italian Venture for Care

  • IT
  • 2020
    On CPhI since

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  • Vencare Fortification Intensive Lotion

    Product Vencare Fortification Intensive Lotion

    Vencare Fortification Intensive Lotion fights the ageing process and stimulates hair microcirculation, reinforcing the weakened structure. The active ingredients help to give body to the hair and stimulate the activity of the bulbs.
  • Vencare F3C Lotion

    Product Vencare F3C Lotion

    Vencare F3C Lotion makes your hair stronger and thicker, giving them luster and a beautiful appearance. The product is enriched with 3% concentration of an effective and clinically tested formula resulting from the combinated action of 3 active ingredients: Biotinyl-GHK (9 ppm), Apigenin and Oleanolic acid.
  • Myovuline

    Product Myovuline

    Myovuline is a food supplement useful to face all the sympthoms and collateral issues related to PCO’s (Policistic Ovary Syndrome), as irregular periods and infertility. The product contains Myo-inositol, Zinc, Folate, Vitamin D and Selenium.
  • Nauseact

    Product Nauseact

    Nauseact is food supplement aimed to counteract nausea, also during pregnancy and kinetosis. It is based on Malva sylvestris, Potassium,Ginger extract and Vitamin B6, B12, C.
  • Solacyst

    Product Solacyst

    Solacyst is a food supplement indicated for prevention and treatment of cystitis, supporting UTI’s proper functionality. It is based on an association of Propolis and Cranberry in 36 mg PACS, where Propolis broadens the antibacterial action of Cranberry. Hibiscus and Acerola enhance natural defenses support and have a restorative action, Vitamin C and E contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • Periodol

    Product Periodol

    Periodol is a food supplement indicated during Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and period itself, counteracting the related physical and psychological symptoms. It contains PEA (Palmithoilethanolammide), Triptophan, Iron bisglycinate and Magnesium.
  • Menopage

    Product Menopage

    Menopage is a food supplement indicated for the management of the symptoms related to the menopausal transition, without the need for medical or hormonal treatment. It contains Soy Isoflavones, Chromium picolinate, Menaq7 and Melatonin.
  • Ironmum

    Product Ironmum

    Ironmum is a food supplement indicated in any case of iron deficiency, especially during pregnancy and breast feeding. It cointains microencapsulated Iron from iron fumarate, Vitamin C and Folic Acid (0,4 mg). 
  • Mum200B

    Product Mum200B

    Mum200B is a food supplement specifically indicated for women during pregnancy and lactation, providing them with the recommended daily intake of DHA (200 mg) and folic acid (0,4 mg) per day. DHA maternal intake contributes to the normal brain development of the foetus and breastfed infants, while Folic acid is essential to keep maternal blood
    folate at the right level for a proper development of neural tube in the fetus.

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