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New at Pharmapack: Alongside it's client Health Integration Technology, Victor Buck Services (VBS) showcases new RFID inlays for the Pharma industry. VBS provides a unique UHF inlay with paper substrate with enhanced security functionality.   Discover the full end-to-end application on our joint Stand J38.

VBS provides NFC / RFID antennas and electronics, preferably printed on recyclable substrates, using an eco-friendly production process. Our entire production process takes place in Luxembourg, from planning to distribution.

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Products from Victor Buck Services SA (3)

  • NFC, UHF and HF RFID eco-friendly antennas

    Product NFC, UHF and HF RFID eco-friendly antennas

    Eco-friendly, produced in Luxembourg.  VBS NFC and RFID antennas printed on multiple types of substrates, including recyclable paper-based substrates. 

    We use an eco-friendly industrial additive printing process, which uses no water, no vacuum, and generates minimum waste.

  • Paper-based NFC and RFID inlays

    Product Paper-based NFC and RFID inlays

    VBS showcase at Pharmapack innovative inlays for test-tube applications.       VBS provides functional inlay transponders, sensor enabled electronic circuits for smart IoT devices. We also develop tailor-made IoT components, from combined NFC/RFID transponders to more complex batt...
  • RFID & NFC Antenna & Design Services in Luxembourg

    Product RFID & NFC Antenna & Design Services in Luxembourg

    VBS designs can be co-developed with customers and partners to find a sustainable, effective and robust solution on various substrates including Paper. 

    We offer rapid prototyping and a flexible pick & place solution. We are able to produce in different formats and variable quanti...