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Active ingredient: 1 Drop = 100 I.U.Vit D3 (Colecalciferol)
Indication: Vit. D3 supplement, treatment of rickets and osteoporosis

Forms: Oral Drpos 

Medical Union Pharmaceuticals

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  • 2020
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  • 1000 - 4999
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Medical Union Pharmaceuticals

  • EG
  • 2020
    On CPHI since
  • 1000 - 4999

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  • Dexamethasone

    Product Dexamethasone

    Active ingredient: 8 mg Dexamethasone Phosphat / 2 ml Amp.        

    Indication: Systemic Corticosteroid 

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    Indication: Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic ( Quinolone Group )

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                Levanic 750 mg Tablet
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  • Pantoloc Tablet

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    Indication: Upper Respiratory tract infections and Lower respiratory tract infections 

    Forms: Vial, Tab and Suspension 

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                 Unictam V...
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                Xoraxon Vial 1 gm Vial (I/V)
  • Insulinaegypt

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    Active ingredient: Insulin human injection 
    Indication: Hypoglycemic Agent 

    Forms:    Vails & Cartilages

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                   Insulinagypt R 100 IU ...
  • Davalindi Tablet

    Product Davalindi Tablet

    Active ingredient: 10 mg Cholecalciferol Concetrate (100.00 IU/g) equivalent to (1000 IU) cholecalciferol (vit. D3) 
    Indication: Vit. D3 supplement, treatment of rickets and osteoporosis 

    Forms: Tablet

    Pack Size: 100 tab 

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