VISCOFLU nasal Spray

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VISCOFLU nasal spray is a medical device made from 3% hypertonic saline solution at controlled pH  and 6% N-acetylcysteine. VISCOFLU nasal spray is indicated to facilitate the fluidification and mechanical removal of mucus and/or muco-purulent secretions stagnant inside the nasal cavity (acute, subacute and slow-resolution rhinitis; chronic and muco-crusty rhinitis; vasomotor rhinitis) and inside the paranasal sinuses (acute and chronic sinusitis), improving the symptoms and course of acute, subacute and chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. VISCOFLU nasal spray acts by thinning dense and viscous mucus through the physical/mechanical action of its ingredients: -          buffered hypertonic sodium chloride solution: hypertonic saline solutions applied directly to respiratory mucosae draw water from the intracellular to the extracellular compartment by osmosis. This increases the percentage of water in the mucu
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VISCOFLU nasal Spray

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