Vitamin E (TPGS)

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Water soluble Vitamin E (TPGS) is widely used a excipient in drug formulations, as well as an emulsifier in cosmetics and other water-to-oil emulsions. It is rapidly expanding into the beverage and food industry as an addition too many products. The many applications of Vitamin E TPGS (Alpha-Tocopheryl-Polyethylene-Glycol-Succinate) are diverse:

- Natural source of Vitamin E
- Emulsifier
- Drug solubilizer
- Protects drugs from crystallisation
- Topically absorbable Vitamin E 
- Vehicle for Lipid drug delivery
- Carrier for wound care
- Reduces drug sensitivity on skin and tissue
- Highly stable when exposed to oxygen, heat & light 

Can be used for various needs:
- Foods & Beverages
- Functional Foods
- Cosmetics
- Topical Drug Formulations
- Aerosols
- Sprays
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Vitamin E (TPGS)

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