WATERFALL - Hypotonic Hyaluronic Acid 0.4% gel-drop Preservative Free (Ophthalmology - Dry eye)

Product description

Waterfall Gel (Gel Drop) is a hypotonic sterile ophthalmic gel, preservative free, indicated for the relief of dry eye symptoms.  Thanks to its innovative formulation, Waterfall (Gel Drop) has thermo-thickening properties: within the bottle it is in solution and once instilled into the eye, the gel drop, through its viscous nature, adheres more to the ocular surface ensuring hydration and protection to the eye.
- Presentation: Aptar 10ml bottle
- Class: Medical Device IIa
- CE Mark expiry date: 2024
- IP Protection: Patent on composition

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Categories Finished Dosage FormsDrops
Supplied from Italy
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