We can do most formulations you require!

20 Aug 2019

Asian Academy of Medical Sciences Limited is pharmaceutical company from Hong Kong that distributes innovative, high-quality, and affordable medicines.

Our competitive products are extended-release tablets, sustained-release capsules, micronization tablets, emulsion of injection, and orally disintegrating tablets, covering antihypertensives, antidiabetics, anaesthetics, psychotropics and the like.

Our advance technology:

Laser Drilled Hole Tablet (Controlled / Extended Release)
Most advanced technology in the world.

We can do most formulations you require!

Extended Release Tablet:
Tablets are designed to release the API consistently and steadily (at zero-order).

• Steady drug concentration in blood;
• Sustained stable therapeutic blood levels of the drug, leading to stable and continuous pharmacodynamics effect: stable blood pressure
• Safety: Reduction in adverse side effects and improvement in tolerability (frequent adverse side effects because of the drug’s narrow);
• Improved patients’ compliance: administrating once a day (Follow the doctor's advice)

Our Products:
Gliclazide Modified Release Tablets, Laser Drilled Hole Osmotic Pump
Felodipine Controlled Release Tablets, Laser Drilled Hole Osmotic Pump
Nifedipine Extended-release Tablets, Laser Drilled Hole Osmotic Pump
Glipizide Controlled Release Tablets, Laser Drilled Hole Osmotic Pump

Sustained-release product and emulsion:

The sustained-release product is Irbesartan Sustained-release Tablets. There is no need for Irbesartan Sustained-release Tablets to combine with other drug. It is different from other anti hypertension drug in that it can keep the systolic pressure below 140mm Hg and diastolic pressure below 90 mm Hg for 24 hours.

We can produce any kind of emulsion, the most well known products are:

1. Propofol Injection Solution: used for induction and/or maintenance of anaesthesia 100mg/10ml, 200mg/20ml)
2. Etomidate Injection Solution: used in the induction of general anesthesia 20mg/10ml

New product: Orally Disintegrating tablets

The tablet will be rapidly disintegrated and released in oral environment in a few seconds. API will be fast absorbed and widely distributed.

• Rapid drug therapy intervention
• Ease of administration to patients:
• who cannot swallow, such as the aged, stroke victims and bedridden patients;
• who should not swallow, such as renal failure patients;
• who refuse to swallow, such as paediatrics, geriatric and psychiatric patients.

Our products:
1. Alprazolam Orally Distintegrating Tablets 0.4mg
2. Aripiprazole Orally Distintegrating Tablets 5mg,10mg
3. Lansoprazole Orally Distintegrating Tablets 30mg
4. Cetirizine Hydrochloride Orally Distintegrating Tablets 10mg
5. Clonazepam Orally Distintegrating Tablets 2mg
6. Desloratadine Orally Distintegrating Tablets 5mg
7. Donepezil Hydrochloride Orally Distintegrating Tablets 5mg
8. Loratadine Orally Distintegrating Tablets 10mg
9. Mirtazapine Orally Distintegrating Tablets 30mg
10. Olanzapine Orally Distintegrating Tablets 10mg,20mg
11. Ondansetron Orally Distintegrating Tablets 8mg
12. Risperidion Orally Distintegrating Tablets 1mg
13. Rizatriptan Benzoate Orally Distintegrating Tablets 5mg
14. Zolmitriptan Orally Distintegrating Tablets 2.5mg
15. Sildenafil Orally Distintegrating Tablets 50mg
16. Vardenafil Orally Distintegrating Tablets 10mg
17. Iburprofen Orally Distintegrating Tablets 50mg