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18 Feb 2014

Webinar: Begin with the End in Mind: Fast-Track Drug Development in Asia

Date: 27 February 2014 | Time: 11am ET / 8am PT  |  Register Now

Asian markets, particularly Japan, China, and South Korea, offer tremendous growth opportunities for the biopharmaceutical industry. In the past few years changes in the Chinese/Taiwanese, Japanese and South Korean regulatory environments have provided new opportunities for biopharmaceutical companies to incorporate Asian countries' populations into the early stages of their drug development programmes.

Sponsors developing compounds in Europe and North America can employ data from native Asians living in other countries — a concept known as "ethnobridging" — to implement cost-effective, multi-ethnic approaches to their clinical trial programmes.


By incorporating these Asian populations biopharmaceutical companies can accelerate introduction of new products into these important and growing markets. However, for sponsors developing drugs in these countries presents significant challenges including local regulatory guidelines and cultural and ethnic differences.


The key takeaways of this webinar will be:

• How ethnobridging studies can speed up drug development
• Key considerations for conducting ethnobridging studies
• When to incorporate "ethnobridging" studies into the drug development plan



Dr Stan Jhee, Vice President Scientific Affairs, PAREXEL International
Dr Carl Trygstad, Executive Medical and Scientific Advisor, SFJ-Pharmaceuticals


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