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WEBINAR: Driving Digital Transformation in Pharma – Watch Now!

Gareth Carpenter — 1 Mar 2021

Watch this recent webinar which looks at how pharma is partnering with digital tech companies in order to find market-based solutions to current issues and take advantage of the larger volumes of data now available

The webinar, entitled Driving Digital Transformation in Pharma, drew together an expert panel discussing how increasing use of digital technology is driving efficiencies across the pharmaceutical value chain.

Kicking off the webinar, Holger Schmidt, Partner at Strategy& said the pharma industry’s normal approach to digital transformation is to start with the patient and their needs, tailor solutions to that, innovate them to the best of the demands of the people who use these solutions and bring them to market with a group of creative people.

“That’s an important but difficult perspective because of the fragmentation and the numerous solutions that are quite difficult to manage in an industry that is used to bringing blockbusters to the market in a completely different revenue range,” he said, adding that it was important to take a perspective on digital transformation through the lens of data.

“Data and analytics is an incredibly fast growing market, the amount of data in the medical field is growing at a giant speed but also from a legal and risk perspective it’s super critical,” he told the webinar.

Vincent Galand, Founding Partner and Associate Director, Digital Pharma Lab told the webinar that many new technology initiatives in the pharma sector are now supported by start-ups “because they have the agility to innovate – they are very focused on consumers’ issues and problems and the pharma industry overall have cultural difficulties doing this.

“Partnering with the best start ups is not only a way of transforming your team and transforming the way you work and seeing things more broadly but it’s also an occasion to work with them on some specific business value projects and create value for your company,” he added.

Rounding off the webinar, Dr. Rasha Rady, Co-founder and COO of Chefaa, explained how her Egypt-based pharmacy benefits start up was addressing market problems such as access to chronic patients’ medications, medicines shortages, an overriding lack of health insurance cover among the population and a lack of educational services for patients.


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