6 May 2022

Defining and Designing Patient-Centric Dosage Forms

What is patient centricity? This panel will take a comprehensive look at the definition of patient centricity from varying perspectives within the drug development value chain. From the regulatory, commercial drug formulation, and academic viewpoints, what does patient centricity mean and how do these perspectives feed into the broader meaning of the term?

Medical treatment and pharmaceuticals play an essential role in offering quality of life and empowering patients in their care. Currently, oral solid dosage forms are still the most accepted method of delivering drugs to patients within the global pharmaceutical market. Significant market evidence shows patients prefer medicine with a pleasant experience regarding taste and convenient administration.

Various patient advocacy groups work to better educate the industry and regulators to more effectively meet patient needs and serve as the patients’ voice. They are often consulted by the pharmaceutical industry to provide feedback in drug delivery options.

In more recent years, US regulators have emphasized the focus of patient needs during the drug development process. This session tackles some of the key characteristics, advancements, and developments of patient-centric dosage form design and the critical aspects to improve adherence and acceptance. Watch on-demand now to hear from experts from industry, academia and market intelligence.

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