22 Oct 2021

How Digital Healthcare Solutions Could Improve Patient Compliance and Adherence

When patients self-administer their medications, 60% do not take them as intended and over half of all patients are non-adherent. The resulting cost of non-adherence and non-optimized therapy is steep and everyone pays the price, from Pharmaceutical companies and payers to HCPs and their patients. The cost of non-adherence alone is US$300 billion per year with $188 billion of US pharma revenue lost.

Aptar provides a broad range of Digital Healthcare disease management solutions that are ideal for patients who will self-administer their medications. Our technology has the potential to augment patient care, deliver value across the digital health ecosystem and deliver better patient outcomes providing a more seamless engagement for HCPs, payers, and our Pharma partners in a more connected future.

This webinar originally aired as part of Pharmapack Europe 2021

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