Xuzhou Lvyuan Bio-technology Co Ltd (formerly Xuzhou Lvbao Biochemical products Co Ltd) is a biotechnological company, established in 1955. Xuzhou is recognized as the mother country of the Ginkgo, and we own the advantaged resources of the Ginkgo Leaves. Our main products are the Ginkgo Biloba Extract sets. To this day we have successfully supplied large quantities of high quality Ginkgo Biloba Extract and services to lots clients all over the world. Our Ginkgo Biloba Extract products have been commonly accepted and we are recognised for the high quality of our Ginkgo Biloba Extract in the USA. In Europe our customers are using our Ginkgo Biloba Extract to protect their health. We only provide the natural Ginkgo Biloba Extract because we believe health is of the highest importantance. When there is health, then there is happiness, a better future and good dreams. We have advanced detecting instruments such as Agilent HPLC, UV, GC, TLC, AA and other test equipments. By using this state of the art testing detecting instrument, with our careful, strict and scientific testing ways, we c...

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