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YURiA-PHARM – among TOP 5 pharma manufacturers in Ukraine and CIS. The leader in hospital procurement and supply with main focus on original infusion drugs, antibiotics, fungicidal drugs, syrups, antiseptics, parenteral nourishment preparations, anti-tuberculosis drugs, nebulizer systems, varied portfolio of means of administration and products with cross-linked and non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Products available in glass and plastic bottles, prefilled syringes, nebules, bags for irrigation solutions, polypropylene and PVC bags, aerosols. Multinational team of almost 3000 people located i...

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Products from Yuria-Pharm (5)

  • Artro-Patch

    Product Artro-Patch

    ARTRO-PATCH is a biologically inert gel based on stabilized  hyaluronic acid, designed for intra-articular administration to  restore the visco-elastic properties of synovial fluid in traumatic and degenerative lesions of the synovial joints, manifested by pain syndrome and/or reduced mobility. q...

    Product XAVRON

    XAVRON – ischemic cascade blocker for the empirical therapy of acute ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack. XAVRON contributes to the reduction of the area of ischemic injury and the absence of distant neurological consequences of stroke when applied in the early period. Active ingredient:...
  • Sufer®

    Product Sufer®

    Sufer® is an intravenous iron preparation for rapid clinical and haematological correction of iron deficiency — twice faster compared to other types of iron preparations; by 25 % lower need for erythropoietin when administered concurrently with other medications. Active substance: 1 ml of the so...
  • Alexa Volume

    Product Alexa Volume

    Filler for deep wrinkles and volumetric correction of facial contours


    Titanium-niobium knives grind filler mass for maximum purity of filler.This helps prevent heavy metal particles from entering the gel

    Maximum particle siz...
  • Alexa Medium

    Product Alexa Medium

    Filler for correcting medium-depth wrinkles and lip augmentation


    Minimal risk of swelling at injection site: fluid cumulation/administered drug volume ratio is 1:1

    Maximum particle size = 600 μm17.5 mg/ml