ZALIKA FARMACÊUTICA is a company that is duly audited by ANVISA and has all licenses and authorizations necessary to import, request registration (“Marketing Authorization”), store and distribute pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and cosmetics. It also able to request inspections of manufacturing plants abroad, as well as submit registration dossiers to ANVISA.
ZALIKA FARMACÊUTICA has all infrastructure required by the Brazilian legislation to hold registration of foreign companies, involving a portfolio of products or even only one product, and covering a broad scope of healthcare segments.
ZALIKA FARMACÊUTICA has built a Singular Platform for the entry strategy of foreign companies into the Brazilian market, where the product registration remains under total control of the foreign company, reducing timelines and costs involved, which are usually  significantly high.
ZALIKA FARMACÊUTICA technical complex has been planned and built assuming high technological standards. ZALIKA has the Certificate of Good Storage and Distribution Practices issued by ANVISA (CBPDA).
This technological complex comprises a quality control laboratory, a 12 thousand-square meter storage area, cold rooms, fleet for air and road transportation, and a technical staff comprising qualified professionals that are periodically trained to be able to perform their duties.
Besides all technical structure, which includes the Regulatory Affairs team that is in charge of preaudit processes and adaptation of manufacturing plant overseas to the Brazilian law, as well as preparation and submission of technical dossiers, there is also the Medical Department, which conducts metanalysis for innovative products and an efficient pharmacovigilance system implemented.
ZALIKA FARMACÊUTICA!  An option for a safe, agile, economical and efficient entry into the Brazilian Healthcare Market.

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