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ZIM Announces Submission of Marketing Authorization Application for 'Rizatriptan' orally dissolving film in Europe

1 Oct 2020

ZIM Laboratories Limited (ZIM) announced that it has filed the regulatory dossier for approval of Rizatriptan orally dissolving film in Europe.Rizatriptan orally dissolving film is a product developed using our Thinoral® technology which yields instantly wettable, rapidly dissolving, and stable films. The product is used in the treatment of migraine which is invariably associated with symptoms like nausea and vomiting.The fast dissolving features provides fast onset of action.

The flexible nature of film dosage form allows for convenience in carrying. As the presently available comparable product in the market is a mouth dissolving tablet which is extremely fragile, ZIM’s product offering is likely to provide significant advantage to patients in portability as well as faster

"The submission of the Rizatriptan orally dissolving film MAA represents a critical milestone for ZIM and for European patients suffering from Migraine. This submission puts us one step closer to creating a portfolio of various therapeutic products that target patient convenience
and treatment adherence for special need population." said Dr. Anwar Daud, Managing Director of ZIM Laboratories Limited. “Securing a regulatory approval for our Thinoral® technology based products in Europe will be an important step in our overall commercialization strategy for this technology. And positioning ZIM as an important player in the complex generics sphere."

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