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Plot#92; 1-98/2/92, • Kavuri Hills – Phase II • Jubilee Hills • 500033 • Hyderabad, Telangana • India •

Biophore India Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

About this company

Biophore, an established pharmaceutical company is engaged in the development and manufacture of niche pharmaceutical products for generic industry.Within a decade since inception in 2007, Biophore has emerged as a trusted partner in generic industry across US, Europe and other regulated markets. Biophore’s product range is diverse and balanced with NCE, Branded products and grandfather products.

Biophore’s portfolio spread across 30 therapeutic segments, is specialized in development and manufacture of pharmaceutical actives for Oncology medications, Contrast and Diagnostic media.

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Plot#92; 1-98/2/92, • Kavuri Hills – Phase II • Jubilee Hills • 500033 • Hyderabad, Telangana • India •

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Sales markets
Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Americas, Central/South America
Generic Antibiotics
Generic Hormones & Synthetic Substances
Generic Peptides
Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Latest products


DMF filed in February 2017Novel route of synthesisStringent controls on Impurity profile; substantially pure API.US DMF Filed

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Permethrin is a first-line treatment for scabies. 
Biophore's Permethrin : ASMF Filed, DMF Filed.
25: 75 ratioCEP Filed.

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Validations in progress; US DMF to be filed in February 2017

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Sodium Nitroprusside

Sodium nitroprusside is primarily used as a vasodilator.

Biophore's Sodium Nitrorprusside:US DMF Available; Completeness assessment done.Stringent control on Impurities.

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Sulfobutyl ether beta-cyclodextrin

Patented Process for synthesis, US FDA inspected facility 

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Icatibant Acetate

Icatibant is a peptidomimetic drug consisting of ten amino acids, which is a selective and specific antagonist of bradykinin B2 receptors. It has been approved by the European Commission for the symptomatic treatment of acute attacks of hereditary angioedema (HAE) in adults with C1-esterase-inhibitor def...

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Methylene Blue

Biophore's Methylene Blue 
DMF will be available in Jan 2017

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Regadenoson is an A2A adenosine receptor agonist that is a coronary vasodilator that is commonly used in pharmacologic stress testing. It produces hyperemia quickly and maintains it for a duration that is useful for radionuclide myocardial perfusion imaging. The selective nature of the drug makes it pref...

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Isoproterenol Hydrochloride

Biophore's API : DMF Available

Isoprenaline (INN) or isoproterenol (USAN) (trade names Medihaler-Iso and Isuprel) is a medication used for the treatment of bradycardia (slow heart rate), heart block, and rarely for asthma. In humans, it is a non-selective β adrenoreceptor agonist and TAAR1 agonist ...

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KYPROLIS is a proteasome inhibitor indicated for the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma who have received at least two prior therapies including bortezomib and an immunomodulatory agent and have demonstrated disease progression on or within 60 days of completion of the last therapy.


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D Penicillamine

Penicillamine is a medication of the chelator class, used in treatment of Wilson's Disease

Biophore's Penicillamine:
US DMF Filed; Completeness assessment  done.
Complete Synthetic Product

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Dimethyl Fumarate

TECFIDERA is a pill approved by the FDA to treat relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS). It is taken twice a day and can be taken with or without food.

Biophore's Dimethyl Fumarate : 
DMF Filed. 

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Ethacrynate Sodium

Etacrynic acid (INN) or ethacrynic acid (USAN), trade name Edecrin, is a loop diuretic used to treat high blood pressure and the swelling caused by diseases like congestive heart failure, liver failure, and kidney failure.

Biophore's Ethacrynate Sodium :

US DMF Available

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Ethacrynic Acid

Etacrynic acid (INN) or ethacrynic acid (USAN), trade name Edecrin, is a loop diuretic used to treat high blood pressure and the swelling caused by diseases like congestive heart failure, liver failure, and kidney failure.

Biophore's Ethacrynic Acid:

US DMF Available

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Melphalan Hydrochloride


Melphalan (trade name Alkeran, in former USSR also known as Sarcolysin) is a chemotherapy drug belonging to the class of nitrogen mustard alkylating agents.
An alkylating agent adds an alkyl group (CnH2n+1) to DNA. It attaches the alkyl group to the guanine base of DNA, at the number ...

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Docosanol is an Antibiotics and Chemotherapeutics indicated for the treatment of Cold sore/fever blister treatment.

 Biophor'e Docosanol: DMF - Filed

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Ferric Citrate

Ferric Citrate is a phosphate binder indicated for the control of serum phosphorus levels in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis

Biophore's Ferric Citrate:US DMF Filed. Completeness Assessment done

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 Frovatriptan is an Anti Migraine

 Biophore's Frovatriptan: US DMF Available Completeness Assessment Done.

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Indigo Carmine

Originally employed as a kidney function test, the chief application of Indigo Carmine at present is localizing ureteral orifices during cystoscopy and ureteral catheterization.

Biophore's Indigo Carmine: DMF filed, Completeness Assessment done

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Nilandron; Anandron

US DMF Available - Completeness Assessment Done

Non-steroidal Antiandrogen

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Plerixafor is an Stem Cell Mobiliser indicated for the treatment of Combination with granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) to mobilize hematopoietic stem cells to the peripheral blood.

Biophore's Plerixafor: US DMF AvailableCompleteness Assessment Done

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Brand names: Retin-A · Atralin · Renova · Refissa · Avita · Tretin-XDrug class: RetinoidAcne vulgaris · Acute promyelocytic leukemia
 Biophore's Tretinoin: US DMF Available - Completeness Assessment Done

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Trientine Hydrochloride

Treatment of Wilson's disease

Triethylenetetramine, abbreviated TETA and trien and also called trientine

Biophore's Trientine Hydrochloride: US DMF Available

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SORIATANE is an NSAID Indicated for the treatment of severe psoriasis in adults. 

Biophore's Acitretin : API has been reviewed by US FDA , Product meets USP and EP specifications, Polymorphic form; Form III.

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SEMPREX-D (Combination Drug) is an Antihistaminic indicated for the treatment Relief of symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis such as sneezing, rhinorrhea, pruritus, lacrimation, and nasal congestion. 
Biophore's Acrivastine: US DMF Filed 

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Alosetron Hydrochloride

LATRONEX is an Irritable bowel syndrome indicated for treatment of women with severe diarrhea.

Biophore's Alosetron:  US DMF Filed,  Impurity profile as per ICH,  Stable at room temperature,  Completeness assessment of USDMF complete.

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Aminocaproic Acid

Aminocaproic acid is an anticoagulant indicated for the treatment of enhancing hemostasis when fibrinolysis contributes to bleeding.

Biophore's Aminocaproic acid: US DMF filed

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Bendamustine Hydrochloride

 Brand names: TREANDA(US), LEVACT (EU)
Therapeutic class: Anti CancerIndication: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)

Biophore's Bendamustine Hydrochloride: Available as monohydrate, Absence of polymorphic form; Form II shown in ...

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Bortezomib is indicated for the treatment of Anti Cancer, Multiple myeloma, mantle cell lymphoma.

Biophore's Bortezomib: Product meets ICH specifications.

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LEUKERAN is an Antineoplastic agent indicated for the Treatment of chronic lymphatic leukemia.

Biophore's chlorambucil: Product meets ICH specifications, Tech pack available, Exclusive to US Market.

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DCAT 2017 - New York

DCAT 2017 - New York 

26 Jan 2017
Biophore sets up a new central Research & Development laboratory

Biophore sets up a new central Research & Development laboratory 

17 Nov 2016
Biophore Featured iin Silicon Review's 10 Fastest Growing Pharma companies’ listing 2016

Biophore Featured iin Silicon Review's 10 Fastest Growing Pharma companies’ listing 2016 

11 Aug 2016

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