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China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation

China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation (abbreviated as SINOPHARM (FOREIGN TRADE)) was established in 1981. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (SINOPHARM) and specialize in international pharmaceutical economic and technological cooperation, international trade and domestic sales in pharmaceuticals and related products.

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Entrusted by the state government, we have carried out national assistance projects, the UN assistance projects to China, and the work of national medicine reservation. We have held several large international pharmaceutical exhibitions and participated in international and domestic pharmaceutical tenders.

SINOPHARM (FOREIGN TRADE) is very successful in economic and technological cooperation, especially in introducing foreign investment and establishing pharmaceutical joint ventures. Being the representative of China's pharmaceutical industry, we are the first in the industry to carry out international economic and technological cooperation.

Our imports and exports are mainly pharmaceutical products such as pharmaceutical raw materials, Western and traditional Chinese medicinal preparations, traditional Chinese medicinal materials, pharma-chemical bulks, intermediates, biological products, medical instruments, sanitary materials, pharmaceutical technology and apparatus.

At the same time, we also have some other business in rag trade and chemical, food and hardware industries. In Hong Kong China, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia, we also have established branches and offices.

Sales Markets Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Middle East
North America
Central/South America

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F/3-4, Sinopharm Building, · No20, Zhichun Road · 100088 · Haidian District, Beijing · China
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