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22 Dec 2015

Additional equipment and capacity for drug product manufacturing in Wilmington, NC

AAIPharma Services/Cambridge Major Laboratories boost oral solid dosage manufacturing capabilities

AAIPharma Services Corp./Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc. has announced additional capabilities and capacity for oral solid manufacturing in its Wilmington, NC facility. These investments have been driven by the significant growth in their drug product portfolio, particularly for orphan drugs and rare disease therapies.

Some of the recent additions to the ir oral solid capabilities include precision coating for our fluid bed dryer (GEA/MP-4), which allows for bottom spray coating for enteric release products. Also, it allows top spray granulatation and drying for materials from the (GEA/PMA-400) high shear mixer. The additional bottom spray coating capability was introduced along with the extruder spheronizer (GEA NICAS450/NICA140). Lastly, a Bosch KKE 1700 capsule checkweighter was added to increase the encapsulation capabilities. With the addition of this equipment and a second manufacturing shift, the solid dosage capacity has increased by approximately 35%.

"Our facility upgrades in Wilmington for Drug Product complement the overall progress of our laboratory and headquarters expansions. We are excited to have this top of the line equipment and added capability for specialized areas of drug product development and manufacturing," stated Ted Dolan, Chief Operating Officer.

These new capabilities complement our existing specialties which include Minitabs, Pediatric Sprinkles, Chewable Products, Sublingual Tablets, Orally Disintegrating Tablets, Extrusion Granules, and Extrusion Spheronization. AAI/CML also has the capability to manufacture potent drugs, controlled substances, and moisture/oxygen sensitive drugs. AAI/CML will continue to invest in unique capabilties and facility upgrades as its portfolio expands.

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