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News Evolve Biologics to break ground for new manufacturing facility in Texas

The facility will be the first to use Evolve’s innovative PlasmaCap EBA technology to produce plasma-derived therapeutics

News Hilleman Labs establishes Singapore's first pilot manufacturing facility for vaccine development

A 30,000-sq. ft cGMP facility and a separate R&D site will work alongside each other to provide end-to end product development solutions for Singapore and low- and middle-income countries

News Pharma companies research whether vaccines need upgrade to fight Omicron variant

It could take pharmaceutical companies months to tweak their COVID-19 vaccines to provide sufficient protection against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus if it poses a risk of serious illness.

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  • Product VitiPure LEX 300/VitiPure LEX 400

    VitiPure™ LEX 300 & 400 are lower molecular weight Polyethylene glycol with stringent control of microbial load for pharmaceutical Industry.  These products surpass the current pharmacopoeia requirements and support the needs of customers for high risk applications. They are safe and widely...
  • Product 5-Iodopyrimidine

    Product Name:5-IodopyrimidineCAS NO :31462-58-5
    Moluculer Weight :205.98
    MDL NO :MFCD00233961
    Smile Code :IC1=CN=CN=C1
    Boiling Point :231.6°C at 760 mmHg
    Molecolur Formule :C4H3IN2
    Storage :Keep in dark place,Sealed in dry,2-8°C
  • Product Logistics & Distribution

    Our logistics and distribution department provides tailor-made and innovative services for your product. Contact us to learn more about our logistics and distribution offers.

  • Product Formulation development

    WuXi STA's formulation development team is led by industry veterans with years of large pharma experience developing solutions for a wide range of molecules. Our teams will customize our diverse expertise to guide you to optimal formulation suitable for scale-up to help you reach patients fast and cost-effect...
  • Product Press-Fit® Enrobing Technology

    Press-Fit® Gelcaps utilize a Capsugel®  technology that is difficult to mimic and enables brands to create a new product look without having to reformulate their product. Flexible gelcaps are stretched around a caplet of specified shape and dimension using a patent...
  • Product Cardiovascular System

    TECNIMEDE offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products. To receive more information regarding TECNIMEDE's products list, please contact us through the email: [email protected] 
  • Product Water for Injection

    Because diluent is as important as your API, Grifols offers you Water for Injection Drug Master File (DMF)
  • Product Custom Fine Chemical Manufacturing

    Our comprehensive portfolio of services, integrated manufacturing, and regulatory leadership differentiates us as a leading contract development and manufacturing partner. With a proven ability to deliver solutions to complex challenges, Grace’s FCMS supports the entire small molecule development cycle from t...
  • Product Enzymes for the degradation of CN, OCN and SCN

    Cyanase Enzymes for the degradation of CN, OCN and SCN

    Potential Applications:
    Detoxification of excess NaCN after cyanation reaction
    Detoxification of NaCN in aqueous waste waters
    Detoxification of metal CN complex solutions (wastes of electroplating processes...
  • Product 100ml HDPE bottle with CRC cap and foil liner

    Bona has obtained a DMF number for its popular range of solid oral HDPE bottles, useful for a wide array of pharmaceutical applications. The new DMF number assigned for the range is 030606.

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  • Product Sival-b Cough syrup

    SIVAL-B, thanks to the combination of its active ingredients, ensures maximum beneficial therapeutic effect for coughing of any cause. It also contains citric acid, which fluidises bronchial secretions, soothes mucosal irritation and neutralizes the persistent cough usually seen in acidosis.
  • Product Microcrystalline cellulose/sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

    TOMOLLOSE® TM Series:TOMOLLOSE® TM Series products are high-quality suspending agents with a good lubrication texture. They are mixtures of micrycrystalline cellulose and carboxymethyl cellulose sodium manufactured using special technologies and mostly used in suspensions and preparations for dry suspensi...
  • Product Algal Oil DHA

    This nutritional raw material is one of Aceto's premier offerings.  Aceto sources and supplies solutions from hundreds of audited suppliers globally to ensure the right fit for our customers' specific challenge.
  • Product Rommelag Pharma Service

    With Rommelag Pharma Service, we offer those who purchase a bottelpack system a quick and economical complete concept for qualification and validation, which is recognized by the authorities. We know what matters and can perform the entire process more cost-effectively, successfully, and reliably than you. It...
  • Product ARTERINORM

    ARTERINORM is a food supplement, containing a complex of natural substances which are beneficial for the physiological control of cholesterol plasma levels. The efficacy of this product is documented in several published clinical trials (total 1700+ patients).
    Cardiology / Metabolism / Endocrinology
  • Product APIs and Intermediates

    Pfizer CentreOne has been a leading provider of specialty APIs for more than 40 years.

    • We make a specific segment of complex compounds:

    Cortico- and hormonal steroids • Prostaglandins • Antibiotics Our Kalamazoo, Michigan, facility, located in the heart of the United States, pr...
  • Product Sodium Hyaluronate Injection Grade

    • Microbial Fermentation product. Origin of non-animal.  • Full range of Customized Molecular Weight.  Application:
         Intra-articular injection
         Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices(OVD)
         Derm...
  • Product BD Neopak™ XtraFlow™ Glass Prefillable Syringe for Biotech - Enabling the delivery of complex and viscous biologics

    Needle length and needle wall diameter are key parameters influencing injection force for a given injection time and solution viscosity. Reducing the injection force required to deliver solutions by manual injection is a parameter influencing patient preference, especially when high viscosities are inject...
  • Product Vision Robot Unit (VRU)

    We present a modular, robotic, proof-of-concept system for inspecting parenterals. By employing artificial intelligence principles and applying the technology to the inspection task, we engineered the Vision Robot Unit (VRU).
    The VRU is a reliable, autonomous island machine, capable of f...
  • Product Benzylpenicillin Potassium

    ADL Biopharma offers a wide range of beta-lactam APIs which includes Benzylpenicillin Potassium. 

    May you require any further information about this product, please, do not hesitate to contact us:
    [email protected]