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News GSK opens license for HIV preventative to increase access in lower-income countries

GSK has voluntarily opened the intellectual property rights on it's long-acting injectable HIV preventative medicine to three companies, so that they can make generic versions that will be more accessible to less-developed countries. 

News Samsung Biologics invests in new plant to expand Bio Campus

Samsung Biologics, the leading end-to-end CDMO, is set to start building a new plant based in North Korea, to expand its biomanufacturing capabilties. 

News 3 ways ChatGPT will impact pharma marketing teams

What does the rise of AI-powered chatbots such as ChatGPT and GPT-4 mean for pharma marketeers? 

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  • News Your Flexible Partner for Innovative Softgel Delivery

    Learn how to meet the demands of a modern industry with an integrated CDMO for tailor-made advanced Softgel technologies, and discover what our expansion into North America will mean for our production capacities and growth in our latest infographic.
  • News Pharmapack Survey and Annual Report 2023

    The annual report from Pharmapack 2023 covering the drug delivery market trends across Europe and the US, and how Pharmapack acts as a bridge between the global markets.
  • News Pfizer CentreOne Content Refinement Q3 media buy

    For 40 years Pfizer CentreOne has been guiding drug projects to success. Here’s how our services make us an altogether different kind of CDMO: 
  • News UPS Healthcare expansion in Europe

    UPS Healthcare is growing its European network to deliver patient-critical products on time and at the right temperature 

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