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News West Pharmaceutical and Corning form landmark injectable drug delivery collaboration

The collaboration includes a multimillion-dollar investment to expand glass technology that will advance packaging and delivery systems

News Catalent fills gap in the market with new development offering, Xpress Pharmaceutics

Xpress Pharmaceutics will facilitate adaptive clinical trials and reduce the time taken to complete FIH studies

News UPDATED: COVID-19 Pharma Development Tracker

The latest coronavirus updates and developments impacting the global pharmaceutical supply chain

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  • Product Flurbiprofen,





    Loxoprofen Sodium,


    (3-Carboxypropyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide,

    (methyl 2-ethoxy-1-((2'-(5-oxo-4,5-dihydro-1,2,4-oxadiazol-3-yl)-[1,1'-biphe...
  • Product 2-8°C Clinical Trials, Biologics, Vaccines

    Cold Chain expertise.
    CIT can pack any farmaceutical form at 2-8°C
    Vials, ampoules, bags,...

    Ask for our developed service of 2-8°C monitoring via blockchain
  • Product API Services, Chemical Development & Manufacture

    Almac’s strength in API development and manufacture is proven by being the partner of choice for many pharma and biotech companies seeking integrated drug development solutions from molecule to market.

    Our technical expertise and extensive facilities enable us to offer integrated API contract manuf...
  • Product Manidipine Hydrochloride

    Manidipine Hydrochloride,Manidipine,Manidipine HCl,cas#89226-75-5

    Used to prepare related preparations of manidipine hydrochloride for treating hypertension.
  • Product Electron Beam

    There is much to consider when choosing a sterilization technology. Sterigenics’ expert advisors look forward to working with you to understand and achieve your unique product goals. We offer all major sterilization technologies: Gamma Irradiation, Ethylene Oxide & Electron Beam as well as innovative s...
  • Product CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

    CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ PEGs common applications include: carrier/plasticizer in gel capsules, base for face/neck lotions, providing formulation stability in toothpaste, binder for tablets, shampoo wetting agent, and more. CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ PEGs are available in average molecular weights ranging from 300 ...

    20 ml nasal spray. It is a mechanical spray with booster pump, no propellant gas and with an anatomically designed nasal applicator.
    +6 years

    Prevents and relieves allergy symptoms (against pollen, mites and/or pet hair) such as itching, sneezing ...
  • Product Guanosine low endotoxin, pure grade code Z46543
  • Product Mentocaína (Benzocaine + Tirotricine)

    Active substance(s): Benzocaine + Tirotricine; Pharmaceutical form(s): Lozenges; Strength(s): 2,5 mg + 1,05 mg 
  • Product Excipient: Super Refined™ PEG 400

    Super Refined PEGs are solvents for use with the most sensitive active ingredients across dosage forms including injectable and oral. Super Refining removes polar impurities (including primary and secondary oxidation products) from an excipient without altering its chemical composition, reducing excipient...
  • Product Pharmaceutical Development

    PreformulationSolubility/stability assessmentExcipient screeningAPI properties for processability

    Formulation developmentSolid dosePowdersTablets: sublingual, dispersible, effervescent, gastro-risistant, sugar and film-coatedCapsules, hard gel: pellets, double-component, granules, powders, ente...
  • Product ApiJect Prefilled Injector

    The ApiJect Prefilled Injector is a combination parenteral system that administers a 0.1mL – 2.0mL delivered dose. The parenteral is a two-part system, made up of a Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) Container prefilled with the drug dose, and a Needle Hub with a Connector pre-attached. When the components are attache...
  • Product THYROFIX (Levothyroxine Sodium)

    INDICATIONS: Hypothyroidism.


    13 mcg Levothyroxine Sodium /tablet (BT x 30 tablets)

    25 mcg Levothyroxine Sodium /tablet (BT x 30 tablets)

    50 mcg Levothyroxine Sodium /tablet (BT x 30 tablets)

    62 mcg Levothyroxine Sodium /...
  • Product Injectable Sodium Hyaluronate bulk

    Altergon offers a wide range of drug products which includes injectable Sodium Hyaluronate. It is used in viscosupplement devices, ophthalmic, viscoelastic devices, fillers etc. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Aura Herbals Argentum 200® (50 ppm) Colloidal Silver (500 ml)

    Colloidal Silver Argentum 200® is a tonic formula with a high (50 ppm) content of colloidal silver, made on the basis of demineralised water. Used regularly, it cleanses, refreshes and cares for the skin. Designed for the care of skin suffering from acne. It soothes irritations.

  • Product Recipharm Analytical Solutions™

    Through Recipharm Analytical Solutions™, we support customers with stand-alone analytical requirements. Our analytical development team has experience from developing hundreds of analytical methods every year, supporting development of formulations ranging from powder in capsules and IV solutions to ER tablet...
  • Product New plant, Plant 4

    To fulfill the increasing demand of life-saving solutions for patients' lives all over the world, we decided to drive forward with building our new facility, Plant 4. Our accumulated expertise is implemented with the latest technologies and innovation, so that Plant 4 will be able to serve as part of your glo...
  • Product Datwyler's components for Vial applications

    Datwyler is the preferred solution partner to global pharmaceutical companies. We offer one of the most extensive product portfolios for vial applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech markets worldwid. Our range of products and services includes the most innovative elastomer formulations, coatings, alumi...
  • Product Fluticasone Furoate

    Fluticasone furoate is a synthetic trifluorinated corticosteroid that possesses a very high affinity for the glucocorticoid receptor and has a potent anti-inflammatory action. It acts by decreasing the release of substances that are involved in the inflammation process, such as histamine, hence reducing the s...
  • Product Custom Fine Chemical Manufacturing

    Our comprehensive portfolio of services, integrated manufacturing, and regulatory leadership differentiates us as a leading contract development and manufacturing partner. With a proven ability to deliver solutions to complex challenges, Grace’s FCMS supports the entire small molecule development cycle from t...