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The Next Frontier – Emerging Opportunities in the LATAM Pharma Market

21st November, 2023
4pm CET / 10am EST
What will this webinar address?

The LATAM pharma market has experienced significant development in recent years. Valued at 98 billion USD and with expected growth of 10.1%, the LATAM market will go above both developed markets like North America (3.1%) and Europe (3.9%), highlighting its significance. From increased focus on innovation and expansion of local manufacturing to the growth of biotechnology and biosimilars, the LATAM market offers an attractive destination for international pharma for clinical trials and investment in local manufacturing sites.

While the potential is huge, barriers still exist in the shape of technology gaps, supply chain constraints and heavy reliance on API imports. Despite these challenges, progress is being made through local and international collaboration, paving the way for an exciting future for LATAM pharma.

Join our latest webinar to hear expert opinion on the opportunities the LATAM market can bring to the global stage, and why the industry should take notice of its possibilities.

  • Assessing the expansion of local manufacturing capabilities and the export opportunities it brings to the global market
  • Reviewing the potential of Latin America to become a prominent CMO hub, and the value it brings to the industry
  • Tech advancements for improving R&D and manufacturing outcomes
  • Why collaboration between drug manufacturers, government bodies and international pharma is essential for innovation and development.
Aaron Wright
Analyst EMEA Thought Leadership

Aaron is a Thought Leadership analyst, responsible for helping to develop positions on a wide array of topics and producing content in the form of blogs, articles and white papers. He has been part of the team for more than two years and can offer insights across the pharma spectrum, from cell, gene and RNA therapies to digital health systems. His recent work has been focused on the digital maturity of health systems. He holds a Masters in engineering from Imperial College London.

Sandra Sanchez-Oldenhage
President and CEO

Sandra Sánchez y Oldenhage is a 35-year life sciences executive with significant operational and international experience operating top ranked pharmaceutical companies mainly in Latin America, leading mature, start-up & turn-around / re-structuring endeavors into profitable growth. Companies include Pfizer, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Novartis and was successful in establishing operations for Amgen and Biogen in Mexico as President and GM.
Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to form her own consulting firm (PharmAdvice), leveraging her extensive and in-depth experience in the commercial, regulatory, government affairs and access fields throughout Latin America

Gonzalo Ariceta
Regional Market Access Head – LATAM
CSL Vifor

Gonzalo Ariceta is an accomplished professional serving as the Regional Market Access Head for LATAM at CSL Vifor, a role he has held since 2019. With a keen focus on expanding market access and driving growth throughout the LATAM region, Gonzalo collaborates closely with the Global Pricing & Market Access team to develop and implement comprehensive access capability growth plans.
Gonzalo's expertise extends to commanding strategic initiatives that aim to maximize partners' payers' access to CSL Vifor's iron portfolio, setting the foundation for the successful launch of the next generation pipeline of products. His leadership as a project lead played a pivotal role in orchestrating the creation of the Brazil affiliate and facilitating various partner transitions across LATAM, ultimately generating significant positive impacts on the company's business operations.

José Luis Cárdenas Tomazic
Sr. Director Corporate Affairs & Market Access LATAM
Teva Pharmaceuticals

José Luis Cárdenas Tomazic is a distinguished pharmaceutical industry executive, currently serving as the Senior Director of Corporate Affairs & Market Access for Latin America at Teva Pharmaceuticals. With a remarkable career spanning over 17 years, José possesses extensive expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of public policy and market access negotiations, not only within Latin America but on a global scale.
José's profound insights into market dynamics, coupled with his astute comprehension of the legal, business, and political dimensions that shape decision-making processes, have been instrumental in his professional journey. His track record showcases a remarkable ability to communicate effectively and provide dynamic leadership, enabling him to drive successful outcomes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Benny Spiewak

Benny is a seasoned attorney with a wealth of expertise in the fields of bio, food, life, and health sciences. His legal counsel revolves around the intricate intersections of science, law, and Brazil, with a primary focus on areas such as intellectual property (IP), regulatory affairs, licensing, ABAC (anti-bribery and anti-corruption), and international trade.
Benny has established a distinguished legal practice dedicated to addressing the complex challenges encountered by a diverse clientele. He offers strategic guidance to multinationals, trade associations, governmental bodies, and law firms from across the globe, including those hailing from Israel, Switzerland, the UK, and the United States.

The Next Frontier – Emerging Opportunities in the LATAM Pharma Market
  • 21st November, 2023
  • 4pm CET / 10am EST
  • 60 minutes
  • Free
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