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1 Aug 2013

Altravax receives grant for vaccination development

Grants will be provided to Altravax so it can research vaccines for dengue virus and chronic hepatitis B.

Altravax has been awarded to special grants to further its research into vaccines for the prevention of infection by dengue virus and for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.

Both awards were received from the Advanced Technology Small Business Innovation Research programme, which is backed by the National Institutes of Health.

Both viruses remain a global problem and are the focus of the main commercial projects run by Altravax.
Michael Chambers, interim chief executive of the company, said: "These awards further validate the strength of our vaccine technology."

Altravax has developed a MolecularBreeding 'evolution technology' for the creation of vaccinations that provide protection against numerous strains of dengue virus. The technology has also allowed it to create vaccine candidates for hepatitis B that are more potent than those currently in use.

With the funding provided by the NIH, the company will embark on additional testing of these candidates ahead of planned clinical trials.

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