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Molvik standard program includes aluminium tubes of different technical characteristics depending on buyers' requirements. Variety of diameters, lengths, tube necks and caps can be combined in tubes which are used as packaging for products of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industry.

Produced of 99% of pure aluminium in combination with other production materials from certified domestic and foreign suppliers, Molvik's aluminum tubes offer an excellent protection for every paste product. Molvik produces tubes of high technical quality with excellent visual appearance, where color, shape and function are in perfect harmony for advanced packaging properties.

Molvik aluminium tubes are heat-resistant and can be applied in all fields where product safety, high standard and hygiene are particularly important, like as pharma industry. That is why the biggest share in Molvik has tubes for pharmaceutical sector for packaging of ointments, creams, gels etc. 
High quality of tubes and highest possible level of cleanliness of packaging from beginning to the end, Molvik guarantees with its defined procedures, Clean Room production environment, multi-level quality controls, comprehensive documentation and constant optimization of the production process. Documentation and control have high priority.

Aluminium tubes are among mostly used form of packaging in the world today because of well known benefits: light weight, easy handling, excellent standards of hygiene, outstanding barrier properties, optimal product protection and recyclability-sustainability. The most important characteristic of the aluminum tube are its barrier properties. Aluminum is impermeable to light and air and resistant to heat and corrosion. It does not let in bacteria, microbes and other potentially harmful particles. It also prevents the evaporation of the evaporable components of the paste product. This means that the precious and sensitive ingredients remain effective over a longer period, whereby the use of preservatives is avoided.
Material doesn't spring back so neither air nor contents are drawn back into the tube. An aluminium tube can be emptied completely without difficulty. These tubes are an eco-friendly and ecological form of packaging: it is either fully recyclable or energetically recoverable.



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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe
Supplied from Croatia
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